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February 8, 2009

Camilo Villegas


CAMILO VILLEGAS: I had a lot of fun. It was great playing with John and with Nick out there. As a matter of fact, walking down the 15th fairway, Nick looks at me, and he goes, "You've got to love this." I said, "If you don't, just go sit on the couch." It was awesome coming in.
A little bogey on 17 kind of made it a little tough on me. I knew I had to make the putt on 18, and I gave it a great roll. I rolled some great long putts starting on 8. I lipped out on 8, hit a great putt on 10, hit a great putt on 11, 12, even 13. But that's golf. I mean, I was just smiling, I was having a good time, and that's it.

Q. Even though you didn't win, is this one of those final rounds where you learned something for the rest of this year?
CAMILO VILLEGAS: Every time you learn. Every round is different, every hole is different, and it's very interesting the way it happens. I mean, you're up, you're down, you're up, you're down. 18 holes of golf is a lot of golf, and you've just got to stay very patient.
Again, I think I handled myself beautifully out there today, and it's okay.

Q. Talk about the putt on 18.
CAMILO VILLEGAS: I hit a great one. I mean, I knew I had to make it and make the other guys work. It started hopping a little bit toward the end, and believe it or not, it hopped to the right, and I thought it was going to miss, and then all of a sudden it starts hopping to the left, and I thought it was going to go in. But again, I rolled some great long putts, and I was proud of the way I handled myself out there today. Every time you learn, and I know it's not a win, but congrats to Nick. He played awesome.

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