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February 8, 2009

Matt Jones


Q. You only missed two greens all day. Tell us about it.
MATT JONES: Did I only miss two greens? I didn't even know. My goal is normally just to try and hit as many greens as possible, and today I did. My putting stroke has been feeling good all week, and I just made some putts today. I had a chip-in today, which is my fourth one for the week, which is nice. It was good.

Q. You told me the other day you were having a lot of long putts. Today, same story, or did you hit it a little closer?
MATT JONES: I hit it closer today, but I still had the long putts, and I three-putted one hole that was a long putt on No. 4. But no, I hit a few close today and made a few, and we'll see how it goes. It was a good finish for me.

Q. Did you kind of gain some momentum playing behind the leaders part of the round there?
MATT JONES: Not really. I mean, I was playing with Davis watching how he hits a golf ball. Interesting watching him hit his tee shots. It's quite a nice ball flight to watch. So just watching him hit balls, and if the leaders were doing anything, I didn't really take any notice.

Q. Have you ever made ten birdies before?
MATT JONES: Honestly, no, probably not, actually.

Q. You had a good start last year. Did you learn anything from the season last year?
MATT JONES: No, the only thing I learnt is that every shot counts. In my category of 126 to 150, I know no matter what the circumstances, if it's a four-foot putt and I want to move up, I've got to make that putt if I can and make it count, especially in my category. Now with a start like this week, it's going to help me later on in the year, hopefully get an exemption here and there and in the FedExCup.

Q. It will get you into Northern Trust, too, Top 10.
MATT JONES: Does it? Beautiful.

Q. Where does that fit among the best rounds you've had in your professional career?
MATT JONES: It would be -- it's one of them. On the PGA TOUR it's definitely probably my best round, especially considering the golf course we're playing. It's not an easy golf course.

Q. Being able to get a Top 10 or a Top 5 out of this week to start your year has got to be huge.
MATT JONES: Very, very big considering my category and having to play my way into tournaments, FedEx points, so it's very important. I couldn't be happier.

Q. Did you play somewhere else in the last month?
MATT JONES: I played the Australian Open in the second week of December, and that was it.

Q. Was that always your plan, just to come and start here?
MATT JONES: No, I Monday qualified for Phoenix Open, Mondayed for Sony Open.

Q. Did you get a different reception when you went back down under to play after you performed so well over here during the year?
MATT JONES: No, no one knows me there. It's good.

Q. If you're playing like this they'll take some notice.
MATT JONES: They will, and it's good. No, it's fun just to go home and play in front of your friends and family since they're never over here to see you play too often. I played well in the Aussie Open. I was coming in second during the third round at some stage but gave it all back.

Q. Is this your second time playing this course?
MATT JONES: Yeah, last year I finished 23rd, I think. I like this golf course.

Q. Something totally off the wall, you like playing fantasy football?
MATT JONES: I love it, yeah.

Q. Your namesake, have you ever drafted him?
MATT JONES: No, never, and I never will (laughter).

Q. Never that desperate?
MATT JONES: Not on that football team, my fantasy football team.

Q. I don't know if you're aware of the tragic bush fires down in Melbourne. I don't know if you have any family --
MATT JONES: 96 people dead already? No, I don't know anything. I don't have any family in Melbourne. All my family is in New South Wales. But I saw that, and then the top part of Australia is under flood water, so a bit of a contrast there.

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