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January 17, 2009

Kimiko Date Krumm


K. DATE KRUMM/M. Mirkovic
7-5, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How are you feeling physically?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Physically? Of course, a little bit tired. But I have still energy little bit. I just standing at the start line compared to other player, so I need little bit more recover the body of course tonight and maybe I can play more.

Q. How does it feel to perhaps be the oldest player in the draw?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Yeah, when I go back to the locker room, I speak with Rennae Stubbs. She said, Good job. Then she said, I'm 37 years old and you are 38, so you are older. She said, I'm not the oldest player any more (laughter).
Yeah, so we talking little bit about age, about how you physical. Sometimes when she playing in doubles, even two players, still younger than opponent. So we talking about the age a little bit and laughing a lot.
But I don't care about the age because I am still moving. It's possible to move. Of course, I played three matches already. No problem in my body. I never put the taping. Sometimes I must call the trainer. Never happen after come back. So still my physical is no problem, so I don't care about age.
But, of course, I have 12 years rank. So this is another story. When I start play again from April, getting better, I think no problem. Sometimes, of course, I have a problem. Sometimes not stable, the tennis is not good. Some days it's good.

Q. Has your preparation changed when you prepare for a match as you become older?

Q. As you've grown older, do you practice any differently or is everything the same?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Yes, almost same. But, of course, now women's tennis is more powerful. Physical also change. More speedy. Always I must think about reaction more quick. For example, when I hit the serve, reaction is more fast. I need more reaction fast. So always think about these things.
But practice, it's almost same as before, yeah.

Q. Can you remember the semifinals 15 years ago?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Already long time ago (laughter). But, of course, I have good memories of Australia because in 1994 when I was playing in Sydney I won the tournament and then I was to be the top 10 player. Then after Sydney - maybe, I don't remember - I was in the semifinal in Australian Open. So I have many good memories here, and also Australia.
But this time always I don't think not so much the past because if I think about I was the No. 4, I was in the semifinal of Australia, of course, difficult to playing qualifying.
I like tennis. I like sports. I like challenge. So only think about now. I think it's important, yes.

Q. Instead of thinking about the past, let's look at the future. How many tournaments do you expect to play this year?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: I don't know yet. Depends on my body. In 2004 I had a problem with my Achilles tendon. I break the left Achilles tendon. So always I worry about my Achilles, and my body also. So if I have a big problems, I cannot play. I cannot continue.
So I don't want to think so much how much I want to play or I must to play. So I don't want to think about it. This time I decide to play the New Zealand and here. But after, still, I don't know yet. Step by step. After here, I must entry something, a tournament, before six weeks. I must something decide. But after here I decide where I am going and I want to play.

Q. Did Martina Navratilova inspire you a little bit?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Yes. When I play with Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf in March, I had exhibition match. She still good. Many people watching that match with Navratilova. Of course, many people inspire, many things. Everybody think not how she's still good. Of course, when I was young, she was No. 1 top player. So, of course, she's my idol also. Many things inspire to me, yeah.

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