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January 24, 2009

Amelie Mauresmo


V. AZARENKA/A. Mauresmo
6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Do you think the score line reflects the way the match went? You pushed her really hard.
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Not really. It's a little bit frustrating to come out with only six games today.
But I did not play well enough the key points, whether it was in the first set or second set. First set I had the lead early on, but then was not able to really keep it up not serving good enough. Then, yeah, having some opportunities, but didn't confirm them.
And then in the second set I was down, but then also had opportunities to go back closer to her and close the gap a little bit.
But, yeah, I guess today it's really the key points and the key moments that I didn't play good enough and that I -- yeah, that's a little bit disappointing.

Q. Did her aggression take you by surprise a little bit? She was pretty relentless out there.
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: No, no, no. I was really aware of what to expect and how she's playing and what her game is. So I was not at all surprised by what she produced today.
I just thought that she, on her side, played a very good match. I mean, really intense and consistent and not giving away many points throughout the whole match.
But, yeah, I was expecting that.

Q. How do you think she'll go against Serena Williams?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I don't know. I'm not in the mood for that.

Q. What will you do now?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I will go back home. I will go back and see a little bit what happened during these two, three weeks that I played some tournaments here. Yeah, some good things today.
Even though it's now quite disappointing, but I think, yeah, level of play is coming back. It's slowly getting there. It's not going to come just like this (snapping fingers). I have to be a little bit patient I guess with the things we worked on in the winter. Some things are showing good; some other things are still up and down.
Yeah, we'll go back. We are here for four weeks now. So take a few days off and then go back on track.

Q. You said you didn't play the big points well. Is there any way that you can rectify that? Is it a mental thing or a technical thing in your game?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: No, I think also the fact that during my first two matches I did not produce really the game I wanted to play, then it maybe shows a little bit in those moments with the confidence and with not being able to make the right choices, double-faulting at some points. Her also making some great shots in the key moments.
So it's a little bit of everything, I guess.

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