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July 19, 2002

Duffy Waldorf


STEWART McDOUGAL: Duffy Waldorf, 69 today for 136 joint leader at 6 under par. How do you feel?

DUFFY WALDORF: I was a little tired tonight. It was a long day to wait to play golf. Fortunately my game came around and it started a little slow and then an eagle on 9 really helped and I just played a real solid backside, got the ball in play a lot and got a few off, got a few birdie opportunities and was able to make a few.

Q. You were so close on the last green to taking the lead on your own, that was a great putt?

DUFFY WALDORF: Actually, the chance I had was probably 17, I had a better chance there. I had a very hole-able to putt there, 15-footer which I missed to the left. 18 was close but it was not certainly one I was thinking about making. Two putting, I was happy to roll it up about a foot away.

Q. I imagine it was fantastic. There was virtually no one there that time of night?

DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah, the 50, 60 people who were watching, people would have gone crazy.

Q. The eagle at 9, was that the most important in your round, do you think?

DUFFY WALDORF: I think so. I wasn't playing bad, but I was struggling a little bit. I just wasn't making any putts. I kind of just needed something to get my round going. I missed a good opportunity on 5 to make a birdie. I was short of the green and didn't make a very good chip and missed the putt and I needed something to go in the other direction. I was heading in the wrong direction with a couple of bogeys. And the eagle was just super. I hit a great shot in there and to cap it off with making the putt. It wasn't an easy putt, it was a pretty tough pin and it kind of jolted me book into the game, really.

Q. What did you hit into 9 and how long was the putt?

DUFFY WALDORF: I hit a 3-wood. I had 246 to the hole and it was about a six-foot putt I made just from behind the hole.

Q. Is it a little odd playing with so few people on the course? It's almost like a practice round or something?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, it's a lot like Thursday morning on the PGA TOUR too. Except it's warmer on the PGA TOUR. It's a little odd. Honestly, I thought there were quite a few people out there still. They hung in there and they got to see a lot of good golf, and there were still good scores still coming in, in the last few groups, and it really, it kind of got nicer, I think until right now. But it was a nice day to be out there and I think they enjoyed their day out there. That's why they stayed.

Q. As you look at the leader board, a bunch of guys are with you and then two strokes back is a fellow named Woods. As you head into the weekend, do you think about the guys tied at 6 under or do you think about him?

DUFFY WALDORF: You look at all the names that are so close and you realize even though you may be joint leader, you have a long ways to go because not only do you have to play good golf, you have got a lot of guys to beat. So it's really more than one guy. There's a lot of guys that can go out and do a Colin Montgomerie and shoot a low round and bolt into the lead, so you know, even though you're right there at the lead with that many guys close, you really have to go out and play your game and see if you can shoot a low round if that's available out there tomorrow.

Q. A little more conservative today with the windbreaker on?

DUFFY WALDORF: (Takes jacket off to reveal his shirt) It just was a lot colder today. I don't have a jacket that matches the flowered look. It just was too cold for the Californian today.

Q. Have you looked into windbreakers that are Hawaiian patterns?

DUFFY WALDORF: I have a windbreaker that's Hawaiian pattern but it's a ghost pattern. It's very subtle. You only see it right up close. If you saw me wearing it, they would look blue or beige, but it does have a flower motif on it.

Q. What did you do to kill time this morning or this afternoon?

DUFFY WALDORF: I slept in, watched a little golf, went to lunch. Came back and stretched, watched some more golf. And went to the course kind of early. Went to the course at 2:00. I got picked up at 2:00 and went and ate lunch again and watched some more golf. It was finally time to warm up, and I thought I would really just like to watch some more golf, I think. I really like the way they talk out here on TV. They do a very good job.

Q. When you watch the golf, do you look at the lines of the putts and learn from that?

DUFFY WALDORF: I watched the putts, and I take note on certain pins. If it looks like a tough pin, you know, you can just tell as the ball's dying at the hole if it's breaking you know -- or a putt that's very fast that it's a tough pin. I keep an eye on that. Today it looked like there were quite a few pins that were breaking. The putts were breaking a lot.

Q. Given the pin locations where they were, Ernie Els went out and shot a 29 on the front nine. What do you think about that?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, it's definitely -- one thing about these pins, even though there is a lot of break in them, you can putt from both sides. They're not so fast, the ball gets away from you, you just have to play a lot of break and read the speed right. It's certainly do-able. Thank goodness they're not like U.S. Open speed or I don't think we'd ever finish.

Q. You were kind of cavalier or lighthearted about the chances of winning this thing. Are you convinced -- (inaudible) --

DUFFY WALDORF: I'm getting more excited about my game. I really didn't play as well today, especially tee to green, and it was great to hang in there and shoot a good round. I'm excited about my game and looking forward to playing some more. As far as winning, like I said yesterday, I'm not that concerned about winning. There are still a lot of guys who have that opportunity. It's just as you get closer to the end, more and more guys get eliminated. Obviously half the field gets eliminated today. So hopefully you want to stay in position as long as you can.

Q. What would you attribute your success to right now? What's going the best for you as you play Muirfield?

DUFFY WALDORF: There's a few things. I've driven the ball reasonably --I'm not real happy with my driving but I'm keeping it in play, I'm not getting into the high rough. I did a few times today but for the most part I've stayed out of it and then I really putted well, my short putting has been good this week too.

Q. With your personality and your approach to the game, how different is it going into Saturday sharing the lead as it was Thursday? Are you the same?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, I think it's tough every day when you're kind of in the spotlight. You've got to keep the focus on your game. It can be more distracting, so I have to make sure I'm in tune with what I'm doing out there and able to -- as long as you're really in tune and kind of feeling -- kind of having a good feel for your game, getting on the range and practicing, that's obviously where you want to play from, close to the lead, because you have the best chance. I'm excited about that, and just hopefully I'll be able to keep the focus and that's always a challenge for 72 holes, keep the focus going and not get spells where you start hitting shots out into the hinterland.

STEWART McDOUGAL: Duffy, thank you.

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