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February 1, 2009

Charley Hoffman


DOUG MILNE: Charley, thanks for joining us for a few minutes here after the final round of the FBR Open. Obviously not the outcome that you were hoping for, but you did hang in there for all four rounds and almost got it done. Just a couple comments on the round today, the playoff and just kind of moving forward.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I played great in the middle of the round, got myself back into contention really when I wasn't, birdieing 8 through 11 or something like that. It was fun.
Unfortunately obviously didn't get it done. Kenny gave me a few opportunities, I gave him a few opportunities, and he happened to close the door.

Q. It seemed like no one really did much out there today in terms of offense. I mean, Kenny didn't make a putt after the first hole, and yet no one could catch him. Did that kind of surprise you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, I obviously don't know what Kenny did behind me. The greens were crusty and fast. They were hard to make putts on and it was hard to get shots close to the hole, so you were going to have to make a semi-long putt. He obviously did what he needed to do to win, and he's a great player.

Q. The ball on the last hole was sitting down in the bunker --
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Plugged (laughing). Yeah.

Q. What is the optimum thing you can do there?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I couldn't have dreamed of hitting a better shot than I did. It was the best I could -- I never would have thought it would end up that close. I was trying to hit it in the middle of the green and two-putt for par. It looked like I was going to do that, and Kenny made a putt that slid in the right door, and it was good enough for the win.
DOUG MILNE: If you wouldn't mind just running us through your bogeys, birdies, just some clubs and yards, the best you can.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Early in the round, three-putted from about 20 feet on 1 and three-putted from about eight feet on 3, so obviously wasn't the ideal start.
Then made a good putt on 4 for birdie, cruised through there and made some great par saves on 6 and 7. Made some 8- to 10-footers for par and kept my round going. Those were the two key putts to get it going.
Then I caught a little bit of fire through the middle of the round, 8, 9, 10, 11, made some good putts for birdie. Got lucky on 12 for the ball not to go in the water and then hit a very average chip and not a great putt and ended up making bogey there.
I gave myself a bunch of chances coming down the stretch and made two good birdies on 13 and 15, just one was just a two-putt and one was an up-and-down from the bunker. I gave myself a few chances on 16, 17, 18, they just happened not to fall.
Obviously in the playoff Kenny and I got in some trouble off the tee on 1, then I had my chance on 18, then I had my chance on 10 and didn't do it.
DOUG MILNE: Can you just give us some clubs on your approaches?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: 8, I hit in 7-iron; 9, I hit in sand wedge; 10, I hit just in front of the green so it was a lob wedge; 11 was an 8-iron. 13 was a two-putt, and 15 was from the greenside bunker to about six inches.
DOUG MILNE: Charley, congratulations on a very strong finish, and we appreciate your time coming in.

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