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January 31, 2009

Charley Hoffman


CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The shot on 17 was probably one of the hardest shots I've had all day. The shot on 18 was fairly easy after a good drive. I was happy to get a knock-down two coming in.

Q. Did you feel like you got everything out of it that you could have today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I hit some good shots at the start of the day and it didn't pan out and made two bogeys. I misclubbed on 11 and flew the green after taking an unplayable and made a good double there, actually, if there is a good double. Besides that, I felt like I played all right.

Q. What do you think it's going to take tomorrow?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Who knows? It's getting firm and fast out here. You can still make birdies if you hit the fairways because the ball is rolling forever and you can really flip wedges into the green.
But if you start missing fairways it is going to definitely come down to the putting.

Q. And on 16 it seemed like you hit it on the green and they kind of gave you a rough time there.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, it was a horrible shot, but I got a good bounce and it ended up on the green. I think they all thought it was going to miss, including myself. But it ended up on the green. They were booing me before the ball was on the green, and walked up on the green and they stopped doing it.

Q. It seems like you've got a pretty good following out here. You've got quite a group out here.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I guess I stick out a little bit in the crowd.

Q. Does the crowd get to you very much?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No. You take it with a grain of salt. You've just got to laugh it off; it's funny the stuff they try to come up with. After a few beers they tend to come up with some pretty good stuff.

Q. How do you feel heading into tomorrow?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I feel great. I think I've got my bad round out of the way, which ended up being a 2-under par round, and I'm going to go try to get a W tomorrow.

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