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January 30, 2009

Colin Montgomerie


Q. 1-over par for 12 holes you played yesterday and 4-under now; how did you feel about that?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: 5-under for the day, I can't complain. It's good. Obviously the first day, you are thinking about all sorts of of things, and I was tired, I was, mentally tired and I was making mistakes.
But today I got down to it and it has been a long day. I took my wife back to the airport this morning at 5.00 in the fog, I don't know how many cars I had to avoid; it was thick, thick fog this morning. We came here at 6.00 and we started at, what, 11.45 or something crazy.
So, a long day. A long day for everybody out here, and it's a shame for the starters this afternoon, having to play one hole or two holes. That's just tough. But that's just the way it goes sometimes I suppose.

Q. You mentioned the distractions you are going to have to suffer as Ryder Cup Captain. How do you think it might affect your golf; might it take the pressure off and help you relax?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think I've always looked for ways to relax in playing golf, and this might be just one of them. You never know. I think I might just have found the best way to relax and enjoy myself out there on the golf course, which I'm doing right now, and the scores are getting better.
You know, I'm lying in the top 20 here and it's not a bad performance after what happened on Wednesday there. It was a big day for me, and now I just want to get back down to playing my own golf and concentrating on all other things outside of that, as well.
So I look forward to everything from now on.

Q. Thinking there might be times when you questioned the decision, maybe you could have made the team?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: If I win a tournament, sometimes there might be, but I have to be realistic. As I said in the press conference before, if I'm qualifying for the team, I would qualify right now in one of the positions lower down the rankings, and I've got to be realistic. I'm probably better off for the team's sake as a captain than I am in that position, and that's what I've decided.
I decided that over the last two weeks when it was first hinted at in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago, and I've thought about it a lot and have to be realistic and understand that I'm probably better off as a captain trying to gain as many points as a captain for the team as I am as a player in that particular number.

Q. Terrific photograph of you and José Maria Olazábal where he appeared to be congratulating you. Was he as classy as ever?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: He is a class act, no question, and we just feel for his health. That's the one thing, we hope that he can do this job in 2012 if his health is up to the task. And let's hope he can. He's always been a class act. I first met Jose back in 1984 when we met at the British Amateur final at Formby. I was 20, he was 18, and he thrashed me there and beat me ever since. He'll be on side at The Ryder Cup alongside me, and it goes back -- that will go back 26 years, till that time, and it's a very proud moment for the pair of us.

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