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October 14, 2004

Retief Goosen


GORDON SIMPSON: Well done, Retief. Obviously you didn't want to hang about. A case of getting the job done as soon as possible today.

RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, I mean, every player has that on his mind when he tees off this morning or this afternoon, actually.

But, yeah, my way early on, I birdied the second hole, went one up. Then really played sort of solid from there.

But Jeff played his best, as I know he can play. But I played okay. I think I was 10 or 11 under. So I wouldn't say I played bad, I think it was based on this morning and 3 under.

GORDON SIMPSON: You set the record victory anyway.

RETIEF GOOSEN: I don't know. I was sort of thinking about that. I wasn't sure what it was. But I think it was 10 and 8.

GORDON SIMPSON: No, 11 and 10 was the previous record victory�

RETIEF GOOSEN: Okay, so nice to have that achievement.

GORDON SIMPSON: We'll open it to questions.

Q. In the conditions, was your morning 65 as good as you�ve done here?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, like I say, I played solid, I putted really well for a change. I've been struggling with my putting the last few weeks. But I read the greens quite well and kept the ball off the tee, lots of chances to make birdies.

Like I say, Jeff wasn't playing all that well, so there was holes that I felt like I could go for it a little bit more instead of trying to play safe.

Q. Were the greens a lot slower today?

RETIEF GOOSEN: The greens were slower this morning than they are now. They've actually cut them again now so they're a little bit better this afternoon.

But in general they're pretty good. It's just they're so soft. You have to really try to work your yardages out to pitching five to ten yards past the flag every time to get it close. I think it's going to become quite difficult once they start putting the pins on the back.

Q. Do you ever feel sorry for an opponent after a score like that?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, I don't know. I don't know if he would have felt sorry for me. Anyway, you feel, well, yeah, the guy doesn't want to go out that way. But I was determined to just keep playing well. You know how quickly it can turn in this match play. You could be six up in the morning, then he wins the first three holes and suddenly the game is on again.

I know how quickly it can turn in this. I was just determined to keep playing well. I had a good lie on the second hole to go three feet or so to go sort of 11 up. I sort of settled down a little bit after that. So it was good.

Q. Do you have to avoid complacency?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, in a way, you sort of, you know, you have to keep telling yourself to stay focused, you don't want your mind wandering away and let the guy win three, four holes in a row or something like that.

But anyway, I felt like I was going to win, it was just by how much. I was just trying to play my best, see how much I could win.

Q. Can you still feel the pelvic injury?

RETIEF GOOSEN: No, I feel fine. Didn't play too many holes today, which is nice. Helps for tomorrow.

But, no, I felt good out there. I think I'm fine. If anything, my right foot, I know I've had a bit of problems with it in the past. Sometimes it keeps coming back a little bit. But I felt fine. Of course it's pretty soft out there right now so it's not that it's so heavy on your feet.

Q. What did Jeff say to you?

RETIEF GOOSEN: He said "well played," you know, and, "Keep playing well." That's all he said. I don't think he could say much.

I said to the guy, "Sorry, you know, you didn't play too well." But, you know, you never know. Tomorrow it might be my turn. So this is how it works in match play. You could play well and lose and play bad and win.

So I don't know who I'm sort of leaning towards playing tomorrow, who are the two guys, do you have any idea?

So Hamilton or Westwood. Westwood has been playing quite well as of late. He's starting to play much better so it's going to be a good match tomorrow.

GORDON SIMPSON: Is this one title you had your sights on for some time?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I've not done well around here, like I said, four times and I only got as far as first round every time. Hopefully I can continue a little bit better further down the list this week.

Q. It�s going to be a funny day tomorrow, hanging around?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, I don't know how many holes Lee and them still have to play, but there's probably still an hour of sunlight out there.

So I don't think we'll probably end up teeing off pretty much the same time as today. I don't think it will be that much difference. But I think we'll finish it off tomorrow.

Q. Have you ever been in Jeff�s position?

RETIEF GOOSEN: A few years ago I got hammered by Nick Price. When I shot 6 under, I was 4 down I think in the morning, then couple under in the first few holes. He was like 6 under. I think he shot 13 under or 14 under for the few holes, I lost the game to him 6 and 5 I think.

Yeah, you can play really well and get nailed. That's match play.

Q. Looks like you are going to finish second to Ernie in the Order of Merit?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, yeah, I mean, it's unfortunate last week I didn't play all that well, especially around St. Andrews. I shot level par around St. Andrews, is pretty bad. My chance was gone, I think.

Yeah, I can just keep playing well, try to win a couple more tournaments.

Q. Your schedule from now on?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, I'm playing, at the moment, I'm planning on defending in Tampa and then play Atlanta. But I haven't quite finalized that. I mean, (inaudible) for the Masters, but I haven't quite finalized the last few weeks. And then the Million Dollar.

End of FastScripts.

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