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January 29, 2009

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: I'm quite happy with the result. I have to say, I really didn't hit the ball as well as I was doing, but I managed to score and that's the main thing around here. You have to score. It's not about how you hit the ball, but how many you do at the end of the day, and that's what I did today. Very happy for that.

Q. And a continuation of a fine run, particularly over the weekend?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Yes, I did play well in Qatar, which was very motivating, because I've never played well in these desert swing tournaments, even though I love them.
I think it's a great three tournaments with fantastic courses and great practice facilities, nice hotels, beautiful weather and good crowds, and very good money, too. I think it's great to be here. But I haven't been able to play well, so getting a Top-10 in Qatar, that was very good.

Q. I guess it was motivating also with Alvaro?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: That was amazing. We all had a great time. Every time you see a Spanish -- not all the Spanish, a friend on top of the leaderboard, it's great, and I'm very happy for Alvaro, because I know he's worked very hard. He's struggled a bit after his wrist injury and managed to come back with that fantastic week in Portugal, and now in Qatar, and now he's Top-30 in the world. So I'm really, really proud and happy for him and I hope for him the best.

Q. It is funny how it works sometimes, that your friend wins one week and you just get that inspiration from it. It does happen.
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: That sounds good to me, but it's a long way to go, and then I hope to be doing well the rest of the days and if I don't win, if another friend of mine wins, I will be happy.

Q. What do you think about the new Ryder Cup captain?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, what can I say? Being on the players committee, I'm guilty of choosing Monty. No, I think it's great. You just have to see Monty's record as a Ryder Cup player and just as a European Tour player, what he's done for the Tour and what he has achieved. We all look up to him and he's got personality and he has the character and the attitude, and I'm sure he will bring the trophy back.

Q. Do you have a certain amount of sympathy for José Maria?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Of course. Ollie is one of my best friends, and my heart was with Ollie yesterday, but I have to say, I think Monty was the right pick.

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