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January 29, 2009

Gregory Havret


GREGORY HAVRET: I had three birdies and an eagle, no mistakes today, a few good chips and my driving was very consistent today. Putting was not awesome but I didn't miss any shots once and the irons, they were fine. Nothing great but just there quite a lot, and a nice up-and-down at the last to move to 5-under. Yeah, it was a good day for sure.

Q. Put into context how you have been playing during the desert swing.
GREGORY HAVRET: Well, I missed the first cut by three and the last week by one. I haven't played great for sure, especially the first week. Last week my putting was really so-so the first two days, obviously the two days for me.
And yeah, one of those weeks, you miss by one, but you feel you're able to be 25th after a decent week of putting after two rounds, so it was not the end of the world. I was quite disappointed with the first week. I really played bad.
So the game seems to be better and better. Practicing quite hard, and yeah, driving I think is very, very important on those courses. The rough is very thick. Here, Asia, those weeks are really hard if you don't drive well. So that was the main point today and I'm quite happy for that.

Q. I take it you were entitled to give yourself a nice break over Christmas and the festive period, so can't be too hard on yourself for coming back slowly.
GREGORY HAVRET: Yeah, sure, sure, but as long as you play a tournament, you expect always to finish well. It's quite tough when you don't do well because obviously even if you have quite a big break, you try to do everything to be there, and you're not. But it's like that. You just watch the names, there's always some surprises and it's like that for sure.

Q. We spoke at Gleneagles, which was all about Ryder Cup, as well as your wonderful victory and this is all about Ryder Cup here.
GREGORY HAVRET: Yeah, I thought about it, those two spots at Gleneagles were the main thing that week. And yeah, Monty as a captain this week is a huge thing for Europe and The European Tour.
Yeah, I'm quite happy for him, very happy for him and I'm sure he will be a fantastic captain.

Q. You do think he was a good choice?

Q. You'd like to play onto that team, it goes without saying?
GREGORY HAVRET: Guess my answer. (Laughter).

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