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January 25, 2009

Alvaro Quiros


RODDY WILLIAMS: Congratulations on a great victory; how are you feeling now?
ALVARO QUIROS: Oh, better than on the golf course to be honest. Yes, of course. It wasn't a perfect day at the beginning, but the score is enough and I'm winning and that's all.
RODDY WILLIAMS: The birdie on 9 really got you going, I think that was a huge putt there, wasn't it?
ALVARO QUIROS: Yeah, I was trying, but the ball don't want to do the same, like I told you yesterday, sometimes and sometimes not. The tee shots and second shots were not great either. I think the putts I holed a bit helped and everything is fine.
RODDY WILLIAMS: What does this victory mean to you? You'll be in the Top-50 in the world, WGC events and Masters; what does this mean to you?
ALVARO QUIROS: I was trying to get something started these few weeks. At the beginning of the year we were trying to get into the Top-50 in the world. After Abu Dhabi, my game was good, but just waiting and keep going and now top -- I don't know top what, but very close to the majors and everything. The most important thing and I'm qualified for the Match Play and it's the first World Golf Championships I will play and it's very important for me.

Q. Can you tell us when you get to the Match Play will you have the same smiles; will you not change?
ALVARO QUIROS: Of course, not everybody has the same -- when things are going good and you think you are doing things well, you smile. When you hit some silly shots or losing positions, it's not easy. But on the golf course I will keep smiling and that's it.

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: I have to be honest, I didn't know, because I knew that everybody should be closer to me. I wasn't hitting the ball well and the score was plus one or plus two after nine holes.
So I thought Louis, he was getting near to me, and but I never saw the leaderboard, just on the 15th green, and it was a very difficult putt for me because I was putting a five- or six-metre putt for bogey and I knew that Stenson was 17-under.
It was a key point on 15 green, a lovely putt.

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: No, Spain, please. I live three minutes from Valderrama.

Q. And with that, do you play Valderrama regularly?
ALVARO QUIROS: Yeah, yeah, normally it's my golf course to play. I hit balls on a different golf course and I used to play -- well, I play Valderrama so many times.

Q. When you were younger, where did you play?
ALVARO QUIROS: It's my home golf course. Normally I hit some balls to warm up on La CanĂ£da, and my long game or on the golf course is Valderrama.

Q. Are you surprised now to be in this position, does it surprise you?
ALVARO QUIROS: Of course, it's always a surprise for me. To win a tournament is not something that you do every day, except for place like Garcia and Stenson, it's easy for them to come here and the states and everything. But for me it's a very special thing. It's only the first time. It's very special, of course.

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: No, my first year.

Q. Masters --
ALVARO QUIROS: No. I'm going to fly to the Masters if I get in to enjoy the situation. I was growing up watching the Masters on TV. For me it's a very special thing, the Masters, the British Open, all of the majors. So I'm going to enjoy, and the score, it's important, but not the most important thing.

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: Well, the important thing is it looked like the situation was -- but from my point of view, I was always, how do you say, flat. This tournament, I was playing very well, hitting the ball great and suddenly the last round, I wasn't hitting great. I was missing putts, missing shots and never close to the flag. So I knew that I have to suffer to win this tournament.

Q. What's the difference in your game?
ALVARO QUIROS: My game is not very different -- well, on this time, this week, it was a little difficult, or it was a little different. My putting was great. Normally, I'm putting the same the last round and yesterday I was putting, first and second round, it wasn't great but at the same time putting well, too.
I think the only difference is last year was a very dark year for me. I was fighting for the year recovering physically speaking, but the mentality -- in Portugal, again, I win. And from Portugal to here, you will see that I was keeping the same line, a little step.

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: Of course, everyone who works with me or who has been around me, the work is going to be important. In the case of David, he has a lot of experience, and it's a very important thing because of the way that he does things is very important, and for me, it's even more.
I'm playing golf since I'm nine years old, but to be on the top is a completely different team thing. We were speaking about it on teeing off on the first hole, what happens will be will be a good experience, so just work. This was from David.

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: Well, I know this is the most experience but the mental -- yeah, why not?

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: About the captain? No chance, no chance, it's a long way. First of all, it's very easy to say things like this after winning, but I'm sure that they will arrive, tough times and the most important thing is how you will react to the tough times.

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: No, I don't have an idea, I heard something about all these players but in my opinion, it's been very difficult. To be The Ryder Cup captain should not be easy work because you are always under -- the people are watching you, and the other side, so no, no idea.

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: No, normally not the case -- this morning, yes, but now I have to buy the new ones.

Q. Inaudible?
ALVARO QUIROS: Casino Royale -- but this my case I was playing a little bit more.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Thank you very much.

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