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August 1, 2002

Duffy Waldorf


JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you, Duffy, for joining us for a few minutes. Great start today. Boom, boom, boom.

DUFFY WALDORF: Boom, boom, boom.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Couple of birdies out there and got you started.

DUFFY WALDORF: Really did, maybe before I figured it out how difficult it was playing, I kind of got a few birdies under my belt. I was kind of -- I played here many years and usually might get a little breeze like that, then it kind of calms down and starts warming up. Today it just stayed. The breeze stayed and kept the greens from getting soft. They were pretty firm and I think they were maybe a little faster because of that cold wind.

Q. Talk about the air here, how does the wind affect it, different kind of wind?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, just like anything else, really a lot depends on how you high you hit it. That's a big factor when you are playing into the wind, how high you hit it. You are always trying to hit it high here to get the most out of your shot usually. And that kind of changes things when you got to factor in the wind. It's just a factor and it is kind of like how much do you factor. You factor the distance. Then you have got to factor the altitude, the downhill or the uphill; then now the wind is another factor which usually when you play here in the morning you don't get that. So obviously today it made it a lot tougher.

Q. How windy was it and in different spots on the course where did you find problems?

DUFFY WALDORF: I think on the backside it didn't seem quite as windy when you got in the trees like No. 13, and No. 14, but it was -- when it's strong enough that you can feel it even on those holes, you know it's pretty strong wind. I thought a lot of times like on 13, 14, you didn't really feel the wind but it was there. Definitely affected the shot. You get on a hole, I think probably easier holes maybe the ones on the 3, 4, 5 on the front where it's kind of opened and the wind is there, you definitely know it. And then once you start getting back in the trees, it gets tricky and of course the elevated holes like No. 7, and 11 are very difficult because the ball is in the air so long you better guess it right or you are going to have a bad result.

Q. You said the course is playing difficult. Was it just because of the wind or other reasons too?

DUFFY WALDORF: I thought the wind and the speed of the greens. The greens were -- I don't know, I think I played here on Tuesday, seems like a long time ago, with the speed of the greens. The greens seemed like -- I thought I was putting at Augusta on a few of them. It was fast.

Q. Did you have to back off from shots today, a little uncertainty maybe that you didn't have the right club?

DUFFY WALDORF: I was fortunate, I was hitting the ball pretty well today. I didn't back off. I don't think I backed off any shots today. I made up my mind on most of them, and -- but for the most part I was right. I hit the shot and I was decisive today. That was really important for me. For the most part they worked out. Still I mean, I hit some shots that -- hit them just the way I wanted to. They either were short or long, just because of misjudgment on the wind.

Q. We had about 100 degrees yesterday. Did you see the weather forecast or was it a shock to your system when you woke up this morning and had to grab a jacket?

DUFFY WALDORF: I don't trust the weatherman. Seems like it changes everyday anyway. I thought at my hotel it said Acuweather Forecast there at the front desk it said, I swear that it said like pleasant in the morning and like mid-80s in the day. Now I don't know, it was pleasant today, but there's like about a 15, 20 mile an hour breeze, and didn't seem like it got much above 70. Maybe that was just me, but I don't know. I don't have a thermometer on my bag so I don't really know what the temperature is out there.

Q. After the start you birdied 4 of the first 5, you are thinking is this a round I can go off like a rocket?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, I felt good about it, obviously, you got par 5s left, you have got a lot of holes left. I was kind of hoping that the wind would slow down and you might have some easier shots. I kept hitting the ball well, but I made some putts early and I hit a couple of close ones but pretty much I made some putts. And the putt I made on the 5th hole was kind of an eye-opener because it was a downhill putt and pretty big break and I swear I left it three, four feet short of the hole and the thing rolled right to the hole without even slowing down. So at that point you kind of are like, wow, I am glad I made the putt, but I better make sure I am rolling it a little shorter when you are doing that. I did 2-putt a lot which is good but a lot of times they don't go in when they are breaking and downhill and fast.

Q. (Inaudible)?

DUFFY WALDORF: 8 was an adventure. I don't like No. 8. Start over on that hole. I hit the tree off the tee and I had to chip it out. I still had like 230 yards in and I hit my 3-iron about knee high, didn't get it up, it hit the cart path, it was straight. It hit the cart path short of the green, and got a little bonus up, got the ladies aid, went right up on and over on the green, not into a great place, but able to make par. I was happy about that.

Q. Would you say this is toughest conditions you have played out here?

DUFFY WALDORF: I think so, yeah. I think the reason because I have played in some wind here, but never the temperature, you know, cool wind, and I don't know if that was an unusual direction, but that kind of wind definitely was affecting the shots and that I think the cool wind also makes the greens a little bit faster and firmer.

Q. Your opinion of those back tees on No. 8.

DUFFY WALDORF: Well never been my favorite hole out here but I think the back tees really changes the hole. I don't think it as good a hole from back there. I think in a sense it brings you know, you kind of feel you are able to make 4 or going to make 5 a lot. From the other tee there seemed like there were a lot more possibilities eagling a possibility, and double-bogey because almost everyone was going for the green and the balls are bouncing off the trees and they are getting into trouble; all of a sudden you think a birdie hole becomes a bogey hole or worse from the bottom tee if you put a good drive out there you are probably going to lay up and just have a wedge in and usually pretty good with wedges, get it on the green, birdie putt, but kind of takes the eagle away to me. Today it was into the wind so I don't think anybody was reaching it today.

Q. What holes -- you said this wind was a different -- from a different direction than you are used to out here. What holes were made shorter and what holes longer?

DUFFY WALDORF: Right out of the box, I mean, the driving range seemed like it was into the wind. Then No. 1 we got up there, it was downwind, and I was surprised this could be that I had a 3-iron in there. Usually in the morning, especially when the morning, when the ground is a little softer, usually it's hard to reach that hole. I have had many days with no wind, I can't reach that hole. Today was a 3-iron. Then, No. 9 played about as long as I have ever played it. Hit a good drive there, and still had a 6-iron in, which although it's one of the longer holes, it usually is driver and 6-iron.

Q. What would you hit in usually?

DUFFY WALDORF: If I hit a good drive to the pin probably be 8-iron maybe even a 9-iron with a driver and then No. 10, like No. 10 going back down I only had 135 in, and it was almost -- I hit pitching wedge because the water was right there in front. I almost could have got a sand wedge there. That hole's is a 480 yard hole, it's a really long hole.

Q. You feel like what you did in Muirfield and this week, you are playing well lately?

DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah, I have been playing great, and my putting has been good and today my putting was good at the start. But I also hit the ball well today. It was very -- kind of round that you love to have. Kept the ball in play for the most part, and hit my irons good distance, pretty much on line and was rolling the ball with good speed. And I think I got a lot out of my round today.

Q. Do you or do some of guys when you see a morning tee time do you feel like you have to take advantage typically here?

DUFFY WALDORF: I would say here more so than a lot of other places. I haven't missed too many years here but the normal routine, it's cool in the morning but warming quickly, getting warm and nice and the ball is starting to carry but there's no wind and the greens are usually soft, and then quite often you get in the afternoon and the little breeze can pick up, it gets warm, the greens start drying out and it gets a lot harder to score. Usually you want to make your hay in the morning and quite often I have had afternoon rounds here, afternoon on Thursday, you get here and the board it's like 14, 15 and 18, you know, points; you are standing on the 1st tee already a long ways behind.

Q. With the morning tee times if somebody had said 9 would you have said, okay?

DUFFY WALDORF: I would have said okay, yeah. I mean, I think I shot 68 today, that's always a pretty good round out here. So I would have been happy with that. Obviously with the conditions I get the bonus of it being a really good round.

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