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January 23, 2009

Andrew Coltart


RODDY WILLIAMS: Thanks very much for coming in and joining us. Another good round, never too easy to pull off another good round, but you must be pleased with the way you played.
ANDREW COLTART: There was a question whether I could follow that up with a decent round, and I managed it. Coming off the back of a 66 yesterday, I was quite proud of it. I had a couple of scrappy moments, but obviously you can't play the same from one day to the next. I got the job done. Got my nice chips, got my nice pitches, and got my nice putts and 3-under and I'm happy going into the weekend.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Very different day today conditions-wise, wasn't it?
ANDREW COLTART: I think so. Initially we got up in the morning and it really wasn't that cold. Yesterday morning it was really cool. That was very difficult for the guys to contend with, and this morning I think it was quite mild. Wind stayed away.
Only in the last hour and a half there, it's kind of got overcast again and the rain is threatening and the breeze is potentially picking up and it's looking a bit bleak.

Q. Were the pins harder today?
ANDREW COLTART: There are some very tricky pins. There was a couple of doozies yesterday, a couple of Sunday pins they put out on Thursday; it's almost going to be easier going into the weekend. There are some very tricky pins out there that if you're going to go at the flag, you're going to make a big number.

Q. Can you when you won here, what you were doing well?
ANDREW COLTART: Well, I was playing well. I had gone down to Australia and had a bit of a holiday down there with my fiancée and played a bit of golf and played the Aussie Tour, Australasian Tour, and I think I finished just top ten in all but one event I played in. And I ended up the Sunday before I went out here Sunday morning, before I went out on my last round here, I had just been given the Order of Merit winner in Australasia. I was obviously playing well and continuing to playing well.
I was young and everything and it was exciting and things are still going well, wonderful tour, career is sort of going like that.

Q. Now you are a cynical old scot?
ANDREW COLTART: And you can write that -- (laughter).

Q. Can we go through your birdies?
ANDREW COLTART: At 7 I hit 3-wood into just the semi-rough on the left-hand side and 8-iron to ten feet and holed that.
10, I hit 3-wood into the middle of the green about 20 feet. I 3-putted it.
12, got lucky there. Played a terrible tee shot left, chopped it out short and right of the whatever you call it, the ditch, scrub, short of the green and chipped in from there. That was good.

Q. How far was the chip?
ANDREW COLTART: It was about 40 yards.
15, it the wind was slightly up and I hit a drive just in the right rough and still in a good position and chipped up to about six feet and knocked that in. And that was it.

Q. Dropped shot?
ANDREW COLTART: Dropped shot was the 3-putt at 11. Driver in the left-hand side of the fairway, 5-iron just on the green and misjudged it, first sort of putt from 40 feet and left it five feet short and missed that.

Q. Only mistake?
ANDREW COLTART: Just some errors out there but managed to get away with them. I had a couple of poor shots that I managed to get away with, with some good chips and some good putts. But by no means was it a perfect round of golf, but delighted to shoot under par when I was hitting some of these poor shots.

Q. How difficult is it trying not to get ahead of yourself here?
ANDREW COLTART: Yeah, that's difficult. Obviously being out of the frame for a while, and then being in the frame, yeah, and being in the frame and all that kind of gunk, you have just got to be aware of what you're faced with at the minute and do your best and concentrate your hardest on what you're facing right there and then.

Q. Is it any easier?
ANDREW COLTART: No, it's not easy at all. Still 17, 18 years on the job, still learning. You can always do a little bit better with it.

Q. How will you handle the weekend, how did you handle the weekend?
ANDREW COLTART: Well, I don't think I was leading -- I don't think I was. I think I shot four scores in the 60s, but I don't think I was leading until the last round, and if you're not the leader, you just get a little more aggressive and other guys just worry about the position that he was in. Plus the fact, it's kind of off the back of a good spell in Australia. The golf was good, confident, upbeat, and so that confidence helped a lot. You see that in a lot of the young guys; it just flows for them and it just falls, and that's kind of what it was like then. Now I just have to try and remember that.

Q. Do you think you will be leading at the end of the day?
ANDREW COLTART: No, I don't. A lot is going to depend on what is going to happen out there. It's a tremendous quality field out there, a lot of great players on that leaderboard that I respect and that could still get in at 4-, 5-, 6-under par. But I'm in.

Q. And you'll get paid.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Thank you very much indeed. Cheers.

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