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January 23, 2009

Alvaro Quiros


Q. Talk about that run of birdies on the last few holes there?
ALVARO QUIROS: Well, 16 is a short par 4 for everybody. Probably today is a little bit longer but I can't reach in two. I hit a good driver just to the beginning of the green and two good putts.
17, I hit a wedge to the par 3, short, and was coming right-to-left the wind and I pitched the hole half a meter and I finished 1 1/2. That was a good birdie.
And on 18, with a lot of luck, I have to be honest. We were trying to lay up, but we didn't calculate correctly the club.
So I hit a bad shot, and the ball bounced in the rock, came back to the semi-rough, good chip, a little bit long, and a good putt.

Q. The way you played, you deserved that luck; of course you did.
ALVARO QUIROS: That's it, I was playing well last week, too, and I didn't have any luck. And yesterday, I played good again and I didn't have luck, either. So today was the day.

Q. Last week we spoke after that hole-in-one and you were saying that most of the time your game was good, maybe one or two moments that just didn't work out. I suppose this is another step in the right direction?
ALVARO QUIROS: I think so. I'm working correctly, putting good, and sometimes with luck and sometimes not luck. I think the only difference by the good score and the bad ones is just this. Suddenly the score appears.

Q. We stand here sheltering from the rain but apart from the weather this, a course that you would like?
ALVARO QUIROS: Yes, I like the golf course. It's a shame for the weather but you never know if you have the luck.

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