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June 3, 2001

Se Ri Pak


RHONDA GLENN: Ladies and gentlemen, Se Ri has a plane to catch and has requested that this not be a long interview. Se Ri, after the 4th hole, you had pulled within three strokes of the lead. With your birdie on 4 and Karrie's bogey on the 2nd hole, did you think at that time that maybe things were going to start going your way?

SE RI PAK: Actually not. Actually, I just -- the golf course, I don't want to think about -- I'm almost there. I'm trying to play my game. And I knew there were many holes to go, and I knew this golf course, especially, many things happen, including me. So I just can't even say this is going to be much easier. So I just play my own game and trying to be as smart a golfer as I can and play best golf I can. But it's really, really tough on this golf course under these conditions. I had a hard time on the green the last few days. It's much more difficult to catch up to Webbie. But otherwise I really enjoyed it today. I'm a strong player. I play with a strong play and I play as tough golf as I can, tough golf course I play on. I really enjoyed all day. And I'm really happy for this week.

Q. How frustrating was it to get within three strokes and then not be able to get any closer, Karrie was just playing out of her mind?

SE RI PAK: This was going to be hard, but I knew that. My main goal is this week, you want to get U.S. Open trophy one time -- one more time to bring my home and I can watch all year. But it's kind of confusing. But, well, I really happy for this week. This is not the -- this is just the way the golf is. I can't say anything about it more than that.

Q. Did you think you had a realistic chance of catching her and taking the lead at any time?

SE RI PAK: Yeah, I am. Like yesterday shoot five shots behind. And then I just had that yesterday same thing. This golf course, we can't relax even one second. So many things happen somehow quick. So easy to make double bogey, easy to make more than that. So I knew that if I just play smart as I can, then probably have a chance to get to play well. But it's not easy for all day for me, and this week it's not easy for me to hang in there today, especially with Webbie. But I really happy about the -- this week. I don't have any question about it.

Q. What did you hit at the 5th?

SE RI PAK: What did I hit at the 5th?

Q. What club did you hit off the tee?

RHONDA GLENN: You made a bogey on 5.

SE RI PAK: 5 is par-3. I hit a 6-iron there. But I knew the wind was left-to-right, but somehow my swing just kind of a little off, and I knew that. And had a hard time with the bunkers, because it's different than before, so I have a hard time up to the green.

Q. You got to play with Karrie for the last few days, can you talk about how she played? Did you feel like she was ready for this Open?

SE RI PAK: Well, actually, I think everybody ready, especially top players, they really looking forward to this week to play well and they want to win this tournament. She play really well all the time. She's really a strong player. I never even thought it was going to be easy to play with her on Sunday, the last group. But at the same time makes me strong mentally. It was really fun today. I really enjoyed it. And I really congratulations again to Webbie, and I can see her some big tournament again, last Sunday.

Q. Se Ri, the 7th hole was key. Can you talk about that iron shot and making the bogey there?

SE RI PAK: Actually, today all day I think I did a pretty good shot for few holes. But everything just won't work that well, especially the 7th hole. I hit it really good, too. I hit it into the wind 180 something. I had a 6-iron. Then I did -- Webb got a great shot there and stopped quick, and that was pretty good into the wind. Then I hit and suddenly the wind is stopped and make my ball jumping and hard to get up-and-down from place. Nothing I can say. This golf course, it can happen. I was kind of a little bit upset about that hole. But I knew that the game is not finished yet. So I trying to do the best golf I can. And then right now I'm here, I think.

Q. What was the club in at No. 7?

SE RI PAK: 6-iron. Three quarter 6-iron.

Q. And you had problems with putts inside eight feet today?

SE RI PAK: Not only today. Starting -- yesterday I played 34 holes. And then I had a great chance many holes to make a lot of birdie. But I didn't make any much, which ones I make. This way I play really hard today because of last few days I didn't make many putt in. I had a hard time to make putt at all. Then I just finished second.

RHONDA GLENN: Se Ri, thank you very much. It was a great try.

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