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January 18, 2009

Adam Scott


JOHN BUSH: We would like to welcome Adam Scott into the interview room. 6-under par 64, great playing. Just a little bit short but overall a great week.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was a good week, solid week for me. Solid last three days. Today was really good for me. It's been a long time since I've been in the hunt in anything. It was nice to get on the back nine and have a chance and get the competitive nerves going again.
So I really enjoyed that and I enjoyed the challenge, and you know, there are a couple things I wish I could have made the putt on 17, to have a bit of a chance on the last, but all in all, I'm pretty happy with how my game is shaping up early on.

Q. Short of winning, when you're are taking this trip to the Middle East here, what do you think about this week in regards to how this sets up for you for the rest of the season?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, my goal is to come out and get off to a bit of a start state side for the FedExCup, because I'm going to take a month off Africa tar to get my knee back to 100 percent.
So almost got the job done. I mean, I was close, and certainly it was important I think for me to play well in these first three weeks to get my mind back to where I like it to be, thinking about golf and playing the TOUR.
Yeah, like I said in Kapalua at the start of last week, I'm really motivated and I feel like the drive is back. It had certainly gone a little off-track there affidavit year, so I'm feeling good about things.

Q. Do you feel as fresh now as you did on Kapalua a couple of weeks ago?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'm feeling pretty fresh. Kapalua is good, although I didn't get much out of my game. It was good to get four rounds under my belt straightaway, and then come here and play four fairly solid rounds.
So I'm still feeling fresh. I don't know about after this flight though how I'll feel.

Q. I guess what I meant, do you feel almost more energized now than when you first showed up, with this performance behind you?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'm excited, because although I haven't physically been able to do a lot of work on my golf game, even in the off-season and with a break, because of my knee and stuff, you know, the stuff that I've been thinking about and focusing on, it's kind of coming through and I know I'm on the right track.
So I know I'm looking forward to getting back to 100 percent health so I can practice a little more, and I just think I need a little more practice to be right on top of my game.

Q. Getting back to 100 percent; would you be 90 percent right now? Are you close to where it's not really a big factor when you play, or do you feel it when you play a little bit?
ADAM SCOTT: It's not too big of a factor to play. At the end of the week, it's tired; it's fatiguing. Yesterday my knee was quite sore. Today it wasn't bad at all actually, but you know, it's frustrating to have to ice it every night and kind of get it ready for the next day's play. It would be nice just to be able to go out and play.

Q. So after Qatar, how long will you take off?
ADAM SCOTT: A month.

Q. Will you have some rehab or rest or both?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's just going to be rehab I guess. It's a bit of both. It's a balance act. You've got to train it to get it stronger, but you've got to rest it so it can recover, as well.

Q. So will there be any golf in that?
ADAM SCOTT: Oh, yeah.

Q. I was wondering if you would put it aside and just concentrate on it.
ADAM SCOTT: No. I feel like it's going to be a chance for me to start doing the work that I wished I could have done before coming to Kapalua.

Q. Where will you spend that time?
ADAM SCOTT: I'm going back to Australia.

Q. How far is the trip from here to Qatar and how are you going?
ADAM SCOTT: It's long. I'm going Honolulu to San Francisco, and then San Francisco to Dubai direct, and then Dubai to Qatar. I think we are stuck on the ground in San Francisco for nine hours. It's a killer.

Q. Is that bad for your knee, long flights like that?
ADAM SCOTT: It's probably not ideal, yeah. But I've got David, my training guy I'm with, so maybe we can do some work on the plane.

Q. Do you leave tonight or tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: We're leaving tonight. We leave tonight at 10:40 and we get into Qatar at midnight on Tuesday. So I'll be fresh for my Pro-Am partners Wednesday.

Q. You didn't get a chance to partake in the waves on Friday, but you had this round today; if you had to balance between the 20- or 25-foot waves that you could have attempted back then, and the round that you had today, what would you rather take?
ADAM SCOTT: A round like today, because I know I'd survive today's round. (Laughter).
I went up and looked at the waves on Wednesday, and I saw some 15- and 20-foot sets, and I was pretty sure I'd be happy to paddle out in that before I saw them up close. We were right on the point at Waimea Bay at somebody's house. I'd have to rethink the 20-foot set.

Q. Is it hard to believe when you look back, that this is your first Top-10 on the PGA TOUR since Wachovia?
ADAM SCOTT: Yes and no.

Q. Just the same old thing, all the things you've talked about before?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, to be honest, after the Open last year, I really wasn't there, out here, in my mind.
Like I said, I probably should have taken a break then, but it's hard to make that call. So it is what it is. But like I said, I'm feeling really good about how everything is now and looking forward to playing.

Q. You were pictured on the beach last Monday. Did you surf or anything Monday or did you kind of take it easy?
ADAM SCOTT: Just went for a swim.

Q. What do you like about the course at Qatar? Obviously you're defending; what do you like about that course?
ADAM SCOTT: It's one of those courses where everything looks the right way to me. It seems like I make putts there, as well. Been there twice and I've won twice. So looking forward to going back.
I don't know, it's a good driving course maybe, and I think when I play well, I drive the ball well and I drove the ball well today. This is a good course to drive it well.

Q. Where were you coming from when you won those two? Were you making as long a trip as you are this time?
ADAM SCOTT: No. I was already over there. I was in the Middle East the week before already.

Q. New challenge then.
JOHN BUSH: Adam, thanks for coming by.

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