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January 17, 2009

Nathan Green


Q. If I would have told you at the beginning of the day, you would 1-under 69 and be one shot out of the lead, would you have believed me?
NATHAN GREEN: Probably not, no. It was pretty calm out there today. Not many guys in the last few groups, it didn't look like, went too low. So it's good to still be one off the pace. I hit a few funny shots out there today, a nice little double-cross on the last.
But I was pretty happy. I was pretty nervous going into today, and I made a good par save on the first which definitely settled me down a bit. I played sort of steady. I didn't have a full set of tools out there today, so I wasn't able to get close to many pins. I hit a good shot into 17.
Would have liked to finish with a birdie on the last, but these things happen, and yes, happy to be one off.

Q. The good thing is, when you got into trouble off the tee, at any time you were in trouble, you never compounded that trouble, even though you could not get it close to the pin, you give yourself birdie putts, even though they were outside 25, 30 feet.
NATHAN GREEN: I struggled with the putting all day today, too. I don't think I spent much time on that blue line, they put it on TV.
It was just one of those days, you're happy to get out of it with an under-par score, as I said, nervous and not really feeling great with the swing. But hit some good shots, and I hit some bad ones, but at the end of the day, 1-under, happy.

Q. And out on the golf course, you didn't beat yourself up and stayed in a pretty good mood. You have to feel like, that's three for three.
NATHAN GREEN: That's pretty good. I sort of got lucky a few times. Hit a really bad drive off 8 and managed to have a clear shot in and I judged the flyers well today. That hole, we weren't sure whether it was going to come out hot or soft.
Yeah, I was managing to hit a lot of the middle of the greens from the rough, which sometimes can be tough around here, but the wind settled down and that was actually a different breeze for most of the day. We had 9 off the left and 10 as well, which makes it a little bit uncomfortable.
Coming in the last few holes, we played pretty much without wind, and that was the chance to make a few birdies, but got one, which I was happy with, so that's good.

Q. You said starting the day you were a little bit nervous in the final group, and now that you're not in the final group going into the final round, do you feel that will be maybe a little bit of a help?
NATHAN GREEN: I'm not sure. I've played well in the last groups before. I think Zach, he's the one who is 10-under, isn't he? He's obviously playing well. He's had an extra week of experience to sort of get the rust out, so he sort of looks like he's firing on all cylinders now. Such a great player and he's going to be tough to beat. Trying to do a little work tonight and get a little better idea of what shape it's going to be and go out tomorrow and hopefully have a good round.

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