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January 16, 2009

Anthony Wall


Q. Terrific day, isn't it?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, good day. 11 holes yesterday and all those today, so first week out, straight back into the grind. Tease good. I played really good. Had two lovely partners to play with in Hansen and Pablo Larrazábal, so that's good. Sun was shining. What more could you ask?

Q. Could you ask for a few birdies and you got that answered very nicely indeed.
ANTHONY WALL: A good track, always found myself I can play it. After my experiences of the last year, I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. This time last year, we were chatting a fair bit because you had your opportunities, didn't you?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, I was thrust into it playing well on the Saturday. And I wasn't actually playing that well. So Sunday was a combination of a couple of things, with the wind and not playing that well. But I'm coming into it playing well, and I'm confident and I'm happy.

Q. Is there something about the course and the way it shapes that suits you?
ANTHONY WALL: I think it's quite hard, though the scoring doesn't show it, which suits me. A lot of holes, par is a good score which gives me a breather, which is quite nice. I enjoy it here. It's a nice three weeks, very good.

Q. You said as much in Valderrama, that you like that challenge and you like being tested and those type of courses, just you get a bit wayward when it's too easy.
ANTHONY WALL: I don't think I make so many birdies on the wedge holes. A few more 4-iron second shots, I tend to focus better and I want to get inside for the wedge shots.

Q. Does it help with the focus, as well?
ANTHONY WALL: It does, because if you bang it in the rough or you miss a green, you're going to struggle. It does get a little bit boring when you are constantly hitting wedges and 9-irons on the course so, when it's testing the whole bag here, it does give you an edge to try harder.

Q. Have you wintered well?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, been well, been sick over the winter, kids and all that, that's day care for you. But had a nice time ask nice rest. I kept playing golf all winter when normally I would have a break which has helped me. I'm looking forward to a good season.

Q. With all of the kids and all that, I hesitate to say, did you have much of a rest, but you did get time off?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, you do, it's Christmas and depends what you do to be rested. I got plenty of time off and a good wife who looks after me well.

Q. We were asking Padraig Harrington the other day, did you play on Christmas Day, there was a lot of pause and hesitation and he said he couldn't remember whether he played or not, but you wouldn't play?
ANTHONY WALL: Well, I played -- well, I didn't play, my boys play. I hit one shot and holed a bunker shot. They played at a par 3 course on Foxhills in Surrey and I had a whack around myself just before the turkey was cooked.

Q. All good preparation here?
ANTHONY WALL: Yes, that's what it's all about.

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