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January 16, 2009

Graeme Storm


Q. Big golf course, 7,500 yards, which part did you specifically enjoy out there?
GRAEME STORM: All of it really. It's always great to play golf here. It's a great golf course. Apart from the weather we had yesterday for an hour or so, it's always decent weather.
Yeah, obviously the greens are putting the best I've ever seen them, which is helping me a little bit. I'm reading the green a little bit better than I did last year, but I'm driving the ball pretty straight, too.

Q. Richard played fantastic, as well, so that must help?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, it always does. We always seem to play well together and the last time we played together, he won the Australian Open.

Q. You had a really good chance at the last to take the outright lead, didn't you.
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I watched Richard's putt down there and I didn't know whether, as I would read it, actually a good putt, and I think it just sort of didn't turn as much with the grain as I thought it would do.

Q. The likelihood is you'll play again together tomorrow, so are you looking forward to that?
GRAEME STORM: Like I said we always play well together so hopefully we can both do the same as what we've done yesterday and today.
Just go out and enjoy ourselves, we get on really well and that's what it's all about really.
I'm working with Steve MacGregor who has done a lot of good work with Westy, so I've been working really hard since December 2 with him, and it was a long way to go, but I feel stronger and fit around the golf course, which is the start of it, really.
I was starting to feel very lethargic and what have you. I was overweight and I wasn't happy with the way things were going. I was really happy to get last year out of the way to be honest. It was a bit of an odd year, and obviously I had a lot of things going on outside of golf, but my golf was not as good as what it should be.

Q. Gym work?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, some people might look at it and think he's not doing a great deal but for me it's starting out and getting stronger. It's all sort of getting my posture and alignment sort of corrected, most of it, and getting stronger in areas that I can use on the golf course throughout my swing.
I won't say I'm obsessed. I like my days off. But I am enjoying it and that's the reason why I got together with Steve, because I thought if I tried and do it myself, I wouldn't last.
So I needed somebody, and he's been really good with me. He spent quite a few days with me over December, and I have enjoyed it. I've been working with Pete, as well, and him and Steve are talking to each other all the time about what I need to get stronger, and that's what it's all good.

Q. Are you a goal-setter?
GRAEME STORM: Not so much goals, but more targets and what have you. My target was these three tournaments, if I could be sort of competing with everybody, Top 20 finishes, I would be really happy considering I haven't played since November. I want to get into at least the Top-100 in the world. I keep floating around it and then not getting into it and keep disappointing myself. I want to obviously break into the Top-50 eventually, but that's what we are working towards.

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