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May 22, 2003

Duffy Waldorf


TODD BUDNICK: Duffy Waldorf, we'd like to welcome you to the interview room. I really do appreciate you stopping in today.

DUFFY WALDORF: It's just for your benefit I'm here.

TODD BUDNICK: 3-under 67. Talk a little bit about how much the course has changed over the last two days with the rain we received.

DUFFY WALDORF: Obviously Monday the course was playing like it normally plays, very fast and firm. Greens weren't that fast on Monday. But now it's a very soggy course for here. And it's playing about as easy as it can play. There wasn't much wind at all. That makes a big difference. And every ball kind of stops. Especially on the green. Hit into the green from the fairway and it stops. The pins are tough. If you miss, you can still get in trouble. If you're playing well, keeping the ball on the right side of the hole, you're going to get a lot of birdie opportunities and I think that there will be a lot of birdie opportunities for every one out there this morning and this afternoon especially if the wind stays as it is.

TODD BUDNICK: No bogeys today. Talk about your game.

DUFFY WALDORF: My game was solid. I hit a lot of good shots. 67 is a nice round, but I probably could have had a lot lower one. I hit probably the first -- I didn't really miss a green until the 16th hole. I was putting for birdie on my first 15 holes. So I felt like I, to get three is, three out of 15 doesn't sound so good. They weren't all legitimate. But to have that many opportunities I felt I could have gotten a few more.

TODD BUDNICK: Go ahead and take some questions.

Q. Was it consistently soft or was there any firming up at all that you detected between the beginning and end?

DUFFY WALDORF: No, I would say it was pretty consistent the whole way. I didn't -- I thought it made played the same. Last shot on number nine to the first shot on number 10 it played very consistent today. The fairways surprisingly were pretty nice. I didn't have much mud on my ball. The fairways looked kind of muddy but they played really well. So they will only get better as the week goes on.

Q. The greens slow?

DUFFY WALDORF: The greens are good. They didn't putt slow. They were maybe a -- considering I left about four short right in the hole, they were probably maybe a half a foot slower than they probably could have been or they probably wanted them. These things when they get dry they will be considerably faster. So that's another thing. You can give your putts a roll. Even a downhill putt is not the scary putt that you might normally get.

Q. Does Annika's presence change the atmosphere for the other players here?

DUFFY WALDORF: I think it does. There's more people out here. There's more attention. And the attention isn't on us. So, yeah, it does. It changes things quite a bit. It certainly gives it a Major feel. You don't usually see this many people just fans, spectators, see this many media that are here ready to go. They have been ready to go since Tuesday, I think. Now they're really ready to go and it's a pretty exciting event.

Q. Is there anything else like it that you have experienced?

DUFFY WALDORF: Certainly the tension is like a Major tournament. As far as the particulars of the event, no. Obviously it's something that it's kind of a little bit like when Tiger first came out. When something new that we haven't seen before. And this is obviously really new because we haven't had a lady play on our TOUR for a long time. So this is even probably more special than when Tiger came out. Because we knew Tiger was going to be playing for awhile.

Q. Are you surprised at all how well she's played?

DUFFY WALDORF: I don't know. Nobody let's me watch her I had to come right here. I don't know how she's playing.

Q. She's 1-under through 10 or 11, I guess.

DUFFY WALDORF: 1-under? Well that's really good. I'm not surprised that she's playing well. I think it looks like she's in contention at 1-under. The thing I wasn't sure of was how the rain would affect her at all. Because for us I think the course plays easier when it's like this and I didn't know if that would be the same for her. With length maybe being her probably only issue playing out here.

TODD BUDNICK: Duffy, just go through your birdies for us.

DUFFY WALDORF: I started on back side and I birdied my second hole. No. 11, I hit a nice wedge in there eight feet and made that.

Then I had a long time, a lot of pars. All the way to number five. And I hit a 4-iron in from about 210. Made about a 20 foot putt which was nice.

Then on the next hole, number 6 I had 100 yards and hit a sand wedge in there about a foot. And taped her in.

And then made a couple nice saves on 7 and 8 and parred in.

TODD BUDNICK: Okay. Anything else?

Q. Do you think this will be a significant event in not -- obviously the tournament itself is significant but this year with Annika. When you look back on when you're playing the Champions Tour?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well there's no doubt, I probably have to go to the record books -- someone asked me how many times I played and I kind of thought, well, I played in 1990 I think for the first time I may not have missed one since so I played a lot and I was thinking I can't remember each year, I can remember years I played well and that. But this will be a special year to remember. No doubt. As much as a year that my 1993 I finished fourth here. Which was my best finish. I remember that. I remember how I played. This is that type of event that I'll remember as one of the Colonials that stands out.

Q. How about just its affect on golf. What do you think about that?

DUFFY WALDORF: I don't know. I don't know what the affect's going to be. I think that's what we're all here to find out. I think it certainly brings excitement to golf and that's always good for me. Publicity is good.

Q. Golfers generally don't think in these terms but will you go back and say I'm going to finish below Annika or under Annika or above her, the Annika line, I guess?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, I seems like a lot of people think this is a men's and women's issue. I don't. I consider it a competitive issue. And I obviously want to do as well as I can. I got to play the golf course and then at the end we add them up and see who has the lowest score. But honestly I'm not playing directly against them, I consider her just another competitor in the field. Like I'm not trying to beat Tiger Woods if he's here or trying to beat Vijay Singh or trying to beat whoever. I'm out there trying to shoot as low as I can, do my best and hopefully that puts me in a good finish.

Q. Do you think that's unique to golf in that regard?

DUFFY WALDORF: Without a doubt. That's what I think makes golf one of the great sports. That's a very unique factor of golf. Almost every other sport you're competing against another person, another team. There's human interaction directly. You're affected by how your other competitors do. In this event 120 guys, I play with two guys, they don't have direct affect I'm just playing with them. Pace of play maybe, that's about it. But there's no direct interaction among the players to affect your score. It's all you out there. And that's obviously I think the great attraction of golf.

Q. Obviously Annika's attracting a huge gallery today, did you notice any difference in terms of the gallery that was following your group today, was it smaller, or was it the same as normal?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well I had -- I think it was just the normal -- first off on Thursday is usually a pretty small gallery. Just your friends and family whoever is around that you know. I thought it was pretty normal for us. There was certainly a lot more people around the course. But we were quite aways in front of her. Same side, but way on another part of the course. So I would say our gallery was normal. But the galleries around the course were certainly a lot bigger. For a Thursday morning.

Q. As far as make-up of the gallery, do you notice anything different like more women, more children or anything or is it the same?

DUFFY WALDORF: Am I supposed to be concentrating on my golf? I can't be looking on my gallery. What would my wife say, "Oh you're looking in the gallery, did you see any more women out there?" That it was cold. I kept looking in the gallery and saying, how can they not be wearing a jacket. I am cold. That's the only impression I got.

TODD BUDNICK: Thanks, Duffy.


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