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January 15, 2009

Mikael Lundberg


MIKAEL LUNDBERG: I'm very pleased considering I haven't played since the second week of November. It was HSBC, and then I had some time off, went to Dubai a couple of days in December and practiced.
Then I came back out the fourth and have been here and practiced in Dubai and then come here and I'm very pleased with the score today.

Q. Why the long layoff?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG: I just thought that since I was exempt, I didn't need to play, and obviously a lot of stuff that I needed to sort out. I needed a break and I can feel it, and I thought now is the time, the perfect time, for me to take the time off.

Q. Thoughts of moving to Dubai?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG: I'm trying, but I think I will get my resident Visa this week. And also moved house.
It's fantastic. You can't be in a better place -- maybe the U.S., but it's even further to go. Here, you come here and practise in the winter, and then you have the tournaments here, as well. It's perfect.
So I'm very pleased. I just hope I can keep it up the next couple of days.

Q. Are you a goal-setter for the season?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG: No. I'm trying to just be as relaxed and happy as I can, and hopefully just do my best every time and hopefully that's going to take me to my potential. FastScripts by ASAP Sports ...

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