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January 15, 2009

Trevor Immelman


Q. I know it sounds good, but 72 today, the course was playing very difficult; tell us about it.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah, obviously it was cold this morning and we got stuck in that storm which wasn't too pretty. But be to honest after that, scoring conditions were perfect, and I actually felt like I hit some nice shots but couldn't get the putter cooperate.
So I need to work on that this afternoon.

Q. Give us a sense of how the course has been set up this week?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: It's demanding. They have really grown some pretty thick rough here and some of the fairways are really narrow. I paced off the 10th fairway yesterday, it was 17 yards wide which is narrower than a U.S. Open. You have to hit some straight tee shots and come to grips with the greens.
The greens are perfect surfaces, but probably a little more grain than what we are used to, so you are going to have to come to grips with that, too. The course has been beautifully set up and presented, and if you play good golf, you'll get rewarded.

Q. Because it's such a tough challenge here, do you think that's one of the reasons why we are seeing so many top players come and play here?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: There's to doubt about it. Obviously we have three great events in a row. Start of the season, so everybody wants to get a jump start on this Race to Dubai.
There's a bunch of good reasons to be here this week.

Q. And what do you think would be a good score today, because we are seeing quite a difference in the scoring, very low scoring and some poor scoring.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: I think 3- or 4-under would be a good score. You know, anything under par, really, or even 1- or 2-under would be just a nice day. But I think if you shot 69 or 68, it would be a good day.

Q. How many events are you playing in the run-up to the defence of your title at Augusta?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: I'm going to take some time off now and relax and start my preparation, probably take four weeks off now and I'll probably have five or six events before Augusta.
So a lot of golf to be played and hopefully I can play my way into some form and have a good week.

Q. And also The Race to Dubai, is that on your mind as a possible title at the end of this year?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah, there's no doubt about it. I'm looking forward to be playing back here in Europe again. Obviously I'm fortunate to be in the situation to where I can pick and choose a little bit, so you know, I'm looking forward to playing my 12 events and hopefully play well enough to qualify for that final event and have a good week.

Q. Have you ever seen a storm like that?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Not in the desert. I was on 14, hit a good tee shot and great second shot, but it started raining and the ball came up short in the bunker.
So it started raining and I was like, oh, this is not great. And then I was like going to play it, and then it started healing and I thought, "Oh, this is not ideal," because it was a pretty tough bunker shot. And I kind of waited for a few minutes and I looked back and the guys behind us and had teed off and started walking off the tee.
So I was like, well, I better hit this, and I hit what I thought was a good bunker shot and landed on the green and took a 7-yard jump, because it was just like hydroplaning through the water and I ended up bogeying the hole.
I hit the ball well enough. I just didn't make any putts.

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