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January 15, 2009

Jarmo Sandelin


JARMO SANDELIN: I played really well today. I hit one bad shot on the 16th hole. I was 5-under, cruising really good and made a double unfortunately. One bad shot, double, but I finished up with birdie, birdie.
It's a great feeling to be able to shoot 5-under on my first round of my 2009.

Q. I presume you wintered well?
JARMO SANDELIN: Yeah, really, really good. I've been in Vale do Lobo over Christmas and New Year's, and the practise has been great. A little cooler but during the day it's really hot and warm.

Q. You mentioned weather. Where were you when the hailstorm broke?
JARMO SANDELIN: I was on the fifth hole. So yeah, it came down pretty -- we took cover, actually under that TV tower because when the hail started to come, sometimes they were like large golf balls and they would hurt.

Q. I daresay Vale do Lobo have any conditions like this; I've never seen a sheet of ice like that on a desert course.
JARMO SANDELIN: No, it's incredible. I don't know what's going on. The course is in great shape, and the roughs are up and you need to be accurate, and enjoy it.

Q. Looking at the course now, and one or two puddles, you wouldn't know that we've had a two-hour delay.
JARMO SANDELIN: I don't think we are going to finish tomorrow even, so we have to take the time and just relax.

Q. You can relax having played some sexy golf for 5-under par, I think?
JARMO SANDELIN: Yeah, very sexy. The girls, you should come out and watch. (Laughing).

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