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January 15, 2009

Brian Gay


DOUG MILNE: Brian, thank you for joining us for a few minutes after round one of the Sony Open in Hawaii. 4-under today, just a few comments on the wind and the course conditions and kind of how you felt about your play today.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, thanks, it was obviously a really good round. I'm pretty happy with it. The wind has been getting -- seemed to really pick up the last three or four holes there. I got off to a good start on a very tough opening hole, hit a driver and a 3-wood and made birdie.
So, nice to get off to a birdie there, so there are plenty of bogeys on that hole today. Just hit the ball really well and made a couple good saves and just played pretty steady.
DOUG MILNE: This is your first tournament of the '09 season, and you're obviously happy with the way it started. What's been leading up to this? Did you do much in the off-season practice-wise or any kind of off-season events?
BRIAN GAY: No, I took a lot of time off. I didn't play any tournaments. I went probably a month without playing and I played a few rounds right before new years, but I got the warmup at Kapalua last week.
I've always loved coming to this golf course, but I've really never been ready. I thought it would be good this year coming over a week early and playing on Maui, and hopefully that's going to happen. It did today.

Q. That was what I was going to ask you, because Geoff had mentioned what an advantage it was to be able to play last week and have tournament golf, already a week under your belt, so to speak; so can you talk about that?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, like I said, I've always thought, I got a Top-10 here once, and I had some okay tournaments here. I've always been kind of close, and I always felt like I could do well here. But like I said, I've never really been ready because I don't play a lot of golf in the off-season. You've really got to take the time to get away and get ready for the season.
I was looking forward to obviously playing in Maui, anyways, but I thought it was also going to really help me here this week.

Q. The two golf courses are really different, though.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, not even close. Just getting the rounds under the belt and playing all last week and playing in the wind, because I haven't played in the wind in a long time. So it's just a good warmup.

Q. Is this course different because the wind is coming from a different direction, or have you played in wind this that direction before? It's normally tradewinds.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, it is different.

Q. Opposite, actually.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, it's pretty much exactly dead-opposite. No, there's no comparison between here and Kapalua. Kapalua is long and wide open, big, slopey greens, and this course is much tougher to hit fairways. Accuracy is a lot more important here.

Q. You got to 4-under pretty quickly; do you feel like maybe you should be a little lower? Are you a little frustrated, even with a good round?
BRIAN GAY: I'm a little frustrated I didn't make the putt on last hole. I made a great birdie, hit a 3-iron on 17 and made birdie on the par 3.
So, no, the last three holes are pretty tough into that wind.

Q. How does the wind make you alter your game, or does it?
BRIAN GAY: You just have to hit solid shots and you've got to be smart about picking your targets and really think about where you want to leave your ball around the green and not get downgrain and above the hole when it's that windy and fast, because your chip shots will get away from you. So you just pay attention to where you try to land your approaches.
DOUG MILNE: If you wouldn't mind just real quick running through your birdies and giving us some yardages and clubs, and we'll cut you loose.
BRIAN GAY: No. 1, I think I had like 230-ish. I hit a 3-wood about 16, 18 feet and made that for birdie.
And I made all pars until 9. I hit a driver and 4-iron and 2-putted from the back of the green, probably 50 or 60 feet for eagle, 2-putt, birdie.
11 the par 3, I hit a 6-iron about 12 feet.
12, hit driver and a 6-iron about five feet, six feet.
Bogeyed 14. I drove it in the right rough kind of on a mound behind a tree and hit it right of the green. Pitched it on, probably ten feet, and missed it.
17, I hit a 3-iron, pin-high to the right, about 15 feet.
DOUG MILNE: Thank you, we appreciate your time and best of luck tomorrow and the weekend.

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