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January 15, 2009

Boo Weekley


DOUG MILNE: Boo Weekley thank you for joining us for a few minutes at the Sony Open in Hawaii. Considering the wind blowing the way it is, 4-under, I don't think it's going to get much lower than that today. Just a few comments on the wind and the round.
BOO WEEKLEY: It's windy out there, ain't no doubt about it. We hit it pretty solid today. Kind of got off to a rocky start with the driver, on not the first hole, but 12, 13, just kind of hit it in the rough and just trying to beat it around just to get it up there.
But the wind is tough. It really is tough out there right now and it looks like it's going to get tougher since it's going to rain.
DOUG MILNE: What do you think of the course? I guess this is your fourth year you've played here, you had a Top-20 in 2007 and I guess missed the cut in 2002 and last year. How is the course set up for you.
BOO WEEKLEY: I like it. I like the conditions that's out here right now. I don't think anybody can run away from you in these conditions. And the whole thing is, just getting it in the fairway here, minimizing your mistakes around the greens, because the greens have got a little bit of rough around it and stuff like that.

Q. You only had a couple bogeys; how did you minimize your mistakes?
BOO WEEKLEY: I missed a lot of greens. I got up-and-down a bunch today. I got up-and-down on 12, I short-sided myself on 12, got it up-and-down, and then did the same thing on 13.
On 17, I didn't get it up-and-down and I short-sided myself on that bunker. I short-sided myself on No. 2 today, on the front side. And I didn't get that one up-and-down.

Q. What were those putts, those two must missed for bogey?
BOO WEEKLEY: The one on 17 was probably about, I would say, right at about 11, 12 feet and then the one on 3 or 2 was probably about the same, 13, 14 feet.
So it was just chipping in kind of a crosswind. On the bunker play, I didn't know if the ball was going to roll out because it was downgrain and it just stopped.

Q. It's coming this way most of the time, but it swirls sometimes, too, right?
BOO WEEKLEY: It does swirl a little bit, but if it does swirl, just back away for a second, wait just a second, because it's going to get back to it's original position.

Q. How big of an adjustment from playing on the course last week compared to this one? Was it a bigger adjustment than you thought it might be?
BOO WEEKLEY: No. Luckily I played over there last year and then came here and played, and it's really ain't adjusting. The main thing is the ball don't fly as much here as it does over there.
So it's kind of hard to describe. It's just, you know, where you think you're hitting 175, you might have to hit a little more club just because it's more flatter here and the ball don't quite fly as far here.

Q. Fairway adjustments, no problems?
BOO WEEKLEY: I'm used to hitting off of this bermuda and I grew up on it.

Q. The course plays easier or harder with the wind going the opposite way?
BOO WEEKLEY: Which way, you mean opposite?

Q. The trades usually come from this way, but today --
BOO WEEKLEY: It's just tough out there, period. I can't tell you exactly it was like from last year, but it's tough out there.

Q. Did you play with Geoff?
BOO WEEKLEY: I played with Geoff over there, yes.
We fed off each other a little bit here and there. He's a well-rounded player. He's pretty solid. Right now he's feeling the magic. He's feeling his swing, what he's doing. If I can just hang with him, I think I might have a chance (laughing).
DOUG MILNE: One of the things I'm curious about, obviously your notoriety has just gone through the roof in the past year or so, but you seem to have maintained the personality that I've known forever, and obviously there's a lot more demands on your time. Have you found that that is in any way impacted the way you play, or has it impacted your game? You have so many more requests, so many more people want pieces of your time.
BOO WEEKLEY: It's a distraction. It's pretty big. You know, it gets aggravating, but I mean, it's part of your job. That's what you sign up to do. That's what you sign up to be.
You know, you can't take it for granted. I enjoy doing it. I don't have no problem coming and talking and meeting new people. Just sometimes, let me do my job. That's all I want to do is let me work a little bit. When I get done, it might be close to dark, but as soon as I get done, I will come see you. I don't have no problem, if I tell you I'm going to be there, I'm going to try to be there.

Q. What's your schedule looking like coming up the next few weeks?
BOO WEEKLEY: I'm going to -- I don't know how you pronounce it, Qatar. It's nothing like it sounds. It don't look nothing like it sounds. We are leaving Sunday night and then we are going to go over there and play for the week and then we are going to come home.

Q. Are you in Phoenix?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, I'm going to go take a week off and go to the PGA Show and hang out down there. Cleveland has me like a show pony down there (laughter). So I'm going to go down there and do that for a couple of days and come back out to San Diego, Torrey Pines, play Torrey and then take two weeks off. I don't want none of that Pebble Beach, none of that.
DOUG MILNE: Thanks for coming in and keep it up.

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