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January 8, 2009

Johnson Wagner


DOUG MILNE: Johnson Wagner, well done. Thank you for joining us for a few minutes at the Mercedes-Benz after a round of 5-under par, and you played your last four holes at 4-under.

DOUG MILNE: Just some thoughts after your opening round.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Well, I've been here since Friday. I've played Saturday and Sunday, every day I've been here, and fell in love with the golf course. It's early, but I feel really comfortable out here and I really love the atmosphere and everybody that's involved with this tournament.

Q. Can you talk a little about that finish.
JOHNSON WAGNER: It was great. I had been hitting good shots all day, not making a lot of putts, and made a nice 10-footer downhill on 16, and made a 30-footer on 17. Then hit one a little too far left than I thought on 18, but it ended up perfectly in a flat spot, 3-iron in and hit a good shot and made the putt. It was a great finish and turned a 71 into 68 real quick, which is nice.

Q. I assume you watched this tournament over the years?

Q. Getting to this course and seeing 18, what did you think? How was your thoughts compared to what you had watched on TV?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Well, I mean, watching it, you just see the ball go on the fairway on the tee shot and roll forever, and considering I play a draw as well, really excited. The 17 and 18 tee shots are probably my favourite I've ever hit. You can take it up the right side and hit a slinger and they go forever.
It's the hardest walk I've ever had on a golf course, it's pretty hilly, but it's a great test.

Q. Good leaderboard up there. Obviously Davis had not played well for a while, and Ernie is I guess having a come back, do you look at those guys early on in the first tournament of the year, or do you ignore the board?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I've made a decision this year to not look at leaderboards as much. I kind of get caught up with it, if I'm playing well or if I'm playing bad and takes me away from my game. My caddie knows where I stand, which I don't need to know Thursday through Saturday. If I need to know something, he'll let me know.
You have to figure that in tournament like this, with this great field.

Q. Would you imagine seven straight birdies with these greens that that could happen?
JOHNSON WAGNER: If you hit your second shots into the right spots on the greens, you can make a lot of putts out here. If you are putting cross-hill or downhill all day, you are going to have trouble 2-putting. But there are definitely good spots on the greens to make putts.
DOUG MILNE: If you'll just run us through your card real quick.
JOHNSON WAGNER: No. 2 hit a good 5-iron there and 3-putted from about 30 feet. I saw Sean O'Hair run it by on the same line, so I left it five feet short.
5, I hit it on in two and 2-putted.
6, I hit a sand wedge from the rough to two feet.
Then I hit 8-iron in from maybe 200; I don't know what it was, it was so downhill and made a 10-footer.
No. 8, I hit it in the bunker, didn't hit a good shot and 2-putted for bogey.
Second shot on 10 with a 9-iron made bogey.
Hit it to five feet on 11 with a 9-iron and made birdie.
16 was a little 9-iron on the green, made about a 10-footer.
17 was an 8-iron.
And a 3-iron into 18.

DOUG MILNE: Well done.

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