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December 31, 2008

Tim Brewster

Eric Decker

Deon Hightower

Jon Hoese


COACH BREWSTER: Let me just begin by saying how proud I am of our football team and the way they competed in this game and to our seniors that are done and moving on, you know, I appreciate them in a huge way.
And unfortunately we got beat by a better football team today. That was the name of the story. Kansas is a better football team than we are at this particular point. They did the things necessary to go win the football game. There is no consolation for us. We came here to win the football game and we didn't win it.
And credit goes to Kansas. Questions?

Q. Coach Brewster, how hard is it to defend that type of offense, a quarterback who is mobile and very accurate?
COACH BREWSTER: We knew coming in that Reesing was a really outstanding football player. We got around him, we got him hemmed up and he showed how good a football player he is. We didn't get him on the ground near as much as we needed to. He made plays with his feet and he is a heck of a football player.
Both 5, 10 and 80 were both outstanding in the football game. Sure, it is difficult to defend, but particularly when they got good players like they've got, they've got an outstanding defensive football team, as good an offensive football team as we saw all year.

Q. Is that something you need to add, team speed?
COACH BREWSTER: It is a combination of things and we need to add athleticism to our football team and we will and we are. We got to get bigger and stronger, and that's our commitment, that's what we're going to do.
I am extremely proud of our football team and the way we competed against a really fine Kansas team.

Q. You kind of unveiled the quarterback under center, look and pass it to your offense. You used it early and at the end you played catchup and it went away. What was your assessment of how it worked? And obviously you would have liked to have been a little more successful running the ball. How do you think it worked?
COACH BREWSTER: I am pleased with what we added to our offense. I think we will get better as we move forward. Our players were excited about putting their hand on the ground and coming off the ball and doing some things that way. Obviously it is very disappointing when you are 4th and inches on the goal line and don't get in and a 3rd and one that we didn't convert.
So obviously we've got a lot of work to do. But I just really think that the combination of what we are going to try to do with the running game and the spread passing game will make us a very good offensive football team. And the truly exciting thing about us on offense, we don't lose one player. We bring every single player back on our offense. That's truly exciting to me.

Q. Question for Eric. What do you see for this team going forward? You come off a 7-6 season. You make progress. What will it take to take the next step? For Deon, how do you feel you have left -- how the seniors have left this program? Do you feel good about where it's headed?
ERIC DECKER: Yeah, I think this year was kind of a good year for us. We started off strong and we got to learn how to finish. I think Coach Brewster said it. In the off-season we need to get bigger, faster, stronger, and add some athleticism and have that mentality we will finish every game we play.
I am exciting for next year because, like he said, everybody is back and we are so young right now. I think we will just get a lot better in the off-season.
DEON HIGHTOWER: I think the program is headed in a great direction. Before we came in, I told Eric thanks for coming out and playing his heart out for the guys, for the seniors that were leaving. I think the program, it is just on the up-and-up right now.

Q. At this point can you look at the big picture or are you frustrated at the way it ended?
DEON HIGHTOWER: You look at the big picture, this is my last game. Eric Decker hurts as much as I do, so does Jon Hoese. They feel our pain. We will get together tonight, say our good-byes and I will see them next year. I will turn on the TV and watch them play.

Q. Jon, you didn't carry the ball all year, today you get two touchdown runs. You had to have known you would be part of the offense. Did you think you would have this much of an impact?
JON HOESE: With this new offense, we had some stuff that we were practicing and I guess, yeah, what we practiced and everything, coming game time I figured we would use it.

Q. Were you frustrated at all with the penalty calls? Some of the personal fouls, and that crucial pass interference call, what was your feeling on that one?
COACH BREWSTER: I don't know how you want me to respond to that. Obviously I was disappointed in the penalties and it is something that we've got to continue to really work on and learn from.
But unfortunate, really unfortunate a couple of calls in the game which I thought had a big effect on the game. That's -- like I said, that's unfortunate for the players.

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