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December 21, 2008

Steve Stricker


Q. You're the model of consistency, several great rounds, and how were you able to just close the gap today?
STEVE STRICKER: I just hung in there. I knew no one was really going to run away from anybody, just because of the way the conditions are, and I gave myself some opportunities on the back side, made some good putts, and really looking back at it, played pretty solid all week long and drove the ball great, and like I said, gave myself a lot of opportunities.

Q. Do you feel that this tournament was a good measuring stick for the 2009 season coming up?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah. I mean, this is really kind of the start of my season for next year already. I'm coming off eight weeks off, and I played last week at the Merrill Lynch and then this week, so I feel like I'm looking towards next year already. Yeah, it's a good way to start, and I like what I did coming down the stretch. I made some good putts, hit some good shots, and I like what I did.

Q. Talk about playing with Vijay.
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, we're friends. We live in two different parts of the country. It's not like I hang out with the guy, but we're friends. I appreciate his game, and I've always looked up to him as a player.
What he did there on the last hole making birdie was -- hat's off to him. I was thinking the same. I was thinking I'd better try to make birdie because I knew he was going to try to fire it right at it. That was my mindset, and I didn't pull it off and he did.

Q. Considering the rain and the weather conditions before the tournament, how do you think the course played over the course of the four days?
STEVE STRICKER: It played tough. You know, it played tough. It just was hard out of the fairway. The conditions out of the fairway were extremely difficult. The ball was sitting right down on the bottom and it was muddy, soft, not a lot of grass in some spots. It was difficult to hit good iron shots I felt like. Sometimes it created some mud balls because your ball picked up some mud when it landed in the fairway.
But overall the weather was great for four days, but again, conditions were tough.

Q. With the conditions what they were, were you not able to be as aggressive as you wanted?
STEVE STRICKER: I had to be aggressive coming down the last few holes, and I knew that starting with about five or six holes to play, Vijay went on a little run there at the turn, kind of 11 and 12, and 13 I think he birdied -- four in a row? No, 11, 12 and 13. So that's what he was firing, so I knew I had to kind of do the same, and I did; I made some birdies.

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