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December 19, 2008

Ernie Els


ROB PETERS: Nice round Ernie, 67, second one in a row but on the 18th, you must have been wondering whether it was going to be a 67.
ERNIE ELS: I had a nice day. I didn't have great rhythm to my swing at the start of my round, and you know, just kind of getting through that a little bit and then I've kind of found my swing a little bit.
Missed quite a few putts here and there. But you'll in all, I've got to be happy with that. I haven't played for three weeks and find myself right there, 10-under. So can't complain.
ROB PETERS: You're right there, and not finding your rhythm; what's going to happen when your rhythm comes back.
ERNIE ELS: No, I've found my rhythm after the first couple of holes. Unfortunately on 18 I hit, I thought it was 128 for some reason and I guess my math, my math's never been great, and it was 114 so I went for the 128 shot. I got the wrong number there.
But I feel okay. I mean, all depends on the conditions tomorrow. We'll wait and see.

Q. Your second shot, was it driver that you hit on the third hole?
ERNIE ELS: Yeah, I had 280 front, yards, so the wind was coming into us and I've been kind of hitting that shot when I was off in Florida. So I felt comfortable with that shot, a little fade, but didn't fade enough. Otherwise, I could have been on the green.
I was just trying to play the shots, that whatever the lie gave me, I was just trying to play the shot from there. I wasn't trying to force anything unnecessary. So I try to just play within myself today.

Q. It looked as though 10-under was going to be a share of the lead at one stage this afternoon. Everyone seemed to be chasing the morning players and you got to 10-under, but there's somebody at the moment 12-under, does that surprise you?
ERNIE ELS: Not really. The greens are quite soft. If you keep the ball in play, get your putter hot, you can shoot anything out there.
The course is quite defensively without really a stiff breeze. So, you know, somebody's getting hot and staying hot. It's only the second round. It's still halfway through the tournament, there's still so much to happen. If I'm two shots behind with two to play, I still have a chance to win. So still a lot of golf.

Q. Worst scenario is you with a share of second place tonight.
ERNIE ELS: As I say, I really don't care. I'm at 10-under and I'm pretty pleased with that, and even if a guy is 15-under, I don't care. We've got two rounds left, so a lot of golf.

Q. You're obviously quite happy with your form. Is this a sign for a good 2009?
ERNIE ELS: Let's just worry about this tournament. (Laughter) I've answered this question quite a few times already this week. I am; I'm just trying to get better. I haven't had two really great seasons the last two years, so I'm trying to get better and hopefully I will get better.

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