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December 19, 2008

Damien McGrane


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Damien, thanks for joining us. Maybe just give us your thoughts on a pretty special round, 64 today.
DAMIEN McGRANE: It was strange the way it happened. We had a good threeball, and Charl had four birdies to start his game straightaway today and I had one par and four birdies to follow him.
It was tough to get the honour on the front nine, but I think I was brought along by his momentum. He was playing well and he's a world-class player, as you know. I just got into the game and went along with his birdies.
So both of us fed off each other a little bit and nice to see both of us at the top of a leaderboard.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Must have been a good chat during the round.
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, they are good guys and easy guys to play with. I enjoy playing rounds with those sort of golfers.

Q. You reached the turn in 30 strokes, even though it was the back nine on the course. Were you thinking 59 at the time?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, I was thinking all sorts of great things but a few pars later I definitely realised it was more difficult.

Q. But it was on?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Absolutely. I was putting for birdies all the way around, and anything was possible.

Q. How are you finding the wind at the moment?
DAMIEN McGRANE: The last three or four holes today, it was nearly within every 60 seconds it was turning and going the opposite direction. It's only a whisper, as well, but it's enough to put you off your shot. We were going to hit 7-irons into the ninth hole there, our last hole, and I think when it was our turn to actually strike the ball, we moved to 8-irons.
At one moment, it's straight into you and the next moment, it's straight down. It did shift around, but the air is warm and it doesn't affect the ball too much.

Q. Is it like that the whole day, or is it more in the afternoon?
DAMIEN McGRANE: What I found finishing at the end today; yesterday I found it to be a little benign, but today it was a little bit different.

Q. And you've equalled the course record on the new designated course. That must give you some pride, as well.
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, it's always nice to come to a championship course like this and blaze a trail (chuckling).

Q. Did you feel you were getting a way with something because the wind has not blown as bad as it usually does; is there a feeling of impending doom that it might come at some time?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, it's a course that's known for the wind and the challenge that it brings, and I think that depending on the weekend, but I think we won't get it as easy as we've had it Thursday and Friday for the whole week.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Damien, thank you.

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