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December 19, 2008

Charl Schwartzel


MIKE GREEN: Charl Schwartzel, a 65 today, you're 10-under for the tournament. It's clearly getting better and better.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, this morning, I got off to a really good start. I birdied my first four holes, and then it just gets all-around going. I hit some fantastic shots today, and you know, just sort of during the middle of the round, nothing was happening and my back nine started three birdies again.
All in all, it was a very good round for me. Felt like I played really well and I didn't make any mistakes, except for my tee shot on the last, and still managed to escape with a par there, which was very nice.
MIKE GREEN: I was going to say, a dropped shot on the 17th, but you won't find anymore.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: You won't find another one. I bogeyed the 17th, in the bunker up against the LIP, I had to go sideways. Actually hit my pin with the third and nearly went in the water.
So, made bogey there, but other than that, I played actually really good it felt like. Even last week, it felt really good last week. I only made five bogeys all week.
The game really feels good. Looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Damien has just been in and said that he was inspired by your performance and it was so tough to get the honour on the front nine. Did it work both ways? Were you inspired keeping him at bay?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, I started off really well this morning, and then he started joining me. I think he birdied 11, 12, 13, 14, something like that, and then all of a sudden, he went two ahead of me.
The guy you're playing with, you always sort of want to beat the guy, so it did inspire me to also play a little bit better. Obviously he played very well today, as well.

Q. Is it good when you're in a three ball like that and you have at least one of your playing partners performing as well as you?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: No, I would rather have my playing partner shooting 80s -- no, definitely it helps if the guy is playing well and you're seeing birdies and you're seeing putts go in. It just helps.

Q. The club that went across the fairway at No. 8, 17, you must have been pretty frustrated.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: It hit the flag, but if it missed the flag, it stopped right next to the hole or might even go in. You either try to hit the flag, and then it goes in the water; just sometimes things are a little bit frustrating. I didn't hit a really bad tee shot. I felt like I hit a good tee shot with the wind off the left and the ball stayed in just under the lip and then you're sideways and you shoot at the flag and it goes off the green.

Q. Frustrating?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, it is frustrating, but I think it was more of a reaction than anger.

Q. So you'll be looking for some wind to blow this afternoon, will you?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Like I said, I think I'd like to see the wind blow. It wouldn't be the worst thing. But I think it's going to be pretty much the same all day. I don't think it's going to pick up.
MIKE GREEN: Thanks very much.

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