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April 22, 2005

Retief Goosen


Q. A long day?

RETIEF GOOSEN: It was a difficult day for some reason. It was a long day as we struggled with the spectators and photographers, and after nine we managed to get someone who could speak Chinese and managed to tell them to stop using cameras. It was kind of frustrating on the first nine, so the mood wasn't all that good during that time.

But I'm happy to finish on 9-under and hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be just four shots behind. It was a tricky day as the wind was variable today. Sometimes it's blowing into you and sometimes it's blowing down. And then towards the last three holes the wind came from a totally different direction than from earlier in the week. But I'm happy to be where I am. We have two rounds to go, I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Two contrasting days, wasn't it?

RETIEF GOOSEN: The greens got a bit furry this afternoon, a bit long. They didn't cut it this morning because of the high winds and in the afternoon it got a bit slow. I'm sure they'll cut them tomorrow and they'll be back to their regular speed. I really struggled with the speed this afternoon. I shot five under this afternoon and it could have been eight under comfortably if I had made some putts. The greens also got very firm and some of the holes you couldn't stop the ball.

Q. A bit of a lie in tomorrow?

RETIEF GOOSEN: I'm so glad to finish. So yeah. I'll tee up in the afternoon and look to put in a good round in. We were lucky that we were on the right side of the draw and get on the last hole when the sun went under.

Q. Enjoy the bar experience last night?

RETIEF GOOSEN: It was good fun last night. Sort of a tradition now for this event and it was good fun. We enjoyed it.

11, 3-iron, sand wedge to three feet.

13 , driver, 3-wood, 12 feet, two putt.

16, driver, laid up, sand wedge, two feet.

17 , 3-putt, 40 feet.

18, driver, wedge, three feet.

2 , driver, 5-iron, eight feet.

8, driver, 3-wood, chip, 15 feet.

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