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November 30, 2008

Richard Green

Brendan Jones


Q. Verdict?
RICHARD GREEN: Just didn't happen for us today. We went out there with all of the right attentions and give it as good of a shot as good and tried our best and things didn't happen. Didn't have too many opportunities, unfortunately. It was just a bit of a struggle most of the day.

Q. I take it up until the turn there, you thought you still had a very good chance there.
BRENDAN JONES: Yeah, we always thought we had a chance. Obviously things didn't happen for us early. We were just making little mistakes which we had not made for the first three days. In the end, the balls were just running too far into the first cut, and it's a different golf course coming from the rough. You know, we just didn't play like we had the first three days.
It's disappointing, we look back at the week as a whole, and we finished third at the World Cup, which is a pretty good result. But we had different intentions today and wanted to lift the Cup at the end of the day but it wasn't to be. But the sun will come up tomorrow. We had a good time, anyway. I'm very thankful for Richard for asking me to play with him. It's been a great experience and a great honour.

Q. I take it when you're chasing the game, you do chase the shots.
RICHARD GREEN: When you come in the closing few holes, sort of from 14 onwards, you've got to try and give it a go. The shots weren't coming off and results weren't there.
Like Brendan said, all in all, I think we were a great team together, and I really enjoyed having him as a teammate. It was fantastic.

Q. That is a huge positive of this week, isn't it, because the two of you dovetailed.
RICHARD GREEN: We have been a great team and worked very well together. Apart from how long Brendan hits it, we both think very much alike. It was good to team up and work all our strategies out. I really enjoyed it.

Q. A lot of things can happen in a year, but I take it that you would love to be back?
BRENDAN JONES: Of course. What a great experience. Maybe because Australia did quite well this year, maybe some of the better players might want to jump in.
But anyway, I think we sort of did Australia quite proud, and I'd love to come back and play. I think Richard and I are probably game to do very, very well around here, and had a year's experience together. If no one wants to play next year, I'll put my hand up.

Q. And what's next?
BRENDAN JONES: I go back and defend a tournament in Japan next week, the season-ending tournament there, and then wrap it up in the Australian Open. So, very tiring. This is my fourth week in a row, and ready to get home to the family.

Q. And Richard?
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, I've got the Australian PGA at Coolum next week and Australian Open and that will be my season done after that. Looking forward to a nice break over Christmas and back into it with The European Tour in Dubai.

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