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November 30, 2008

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Pablo Larrazabal


Q. Disappointing day but that was some performance by Sweden today.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Yeah, it was. They shot under par and they won the tournament. You know, today for us, we played -- well, we made 2-under par and we finished with a bogey at the last, which is probably not interesting.
We didn't hole the putts today, and I missed the fairway on the par 5 from the tee, and we needed to make birdies on the par 5s. Hole No. 11, there are two shots, very important.
And, that's it, that's the game. We just didn't make under par, we made 2-under par today in foursomes, and the thing is, we didn't make enough under par, and didn't win.

Q. Looking back on the course of the week, how would you sum it up?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: The golf course is great, it's super, and it's very nice. We were playing very well and I have a very nice partner. We enjoyed all the week and I really had fun with my partner. We didn't win the tournament, but apart from that, very fine week.

Q. Obviously disappointing not to be there with the trophy, but that was some performance by Sweden as I was saying to Miguel.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yeah, they shot 63, but we couldn't make any putts today. The only putt we made was mine on 17. We tried hard to make those birdies and to go for it.
But we didn't play like the first and second round, but still a good performance and a great tournament for us. But you know, I wanted so bad to go home with the trophy, and I'm a little bit sad now.

Q. Clearly throughout the week, enjoyed playing with that man, as well, so you must have taken a lot from this week.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yeah, we enjoyed it a lot. But, you know, I was not that confident this week. The best team today was Sweden, so congratulations to them.

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