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November 28, 2008

Richard Green

Brendan Jones


CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: We have Team Australia here with us. Thank you for joining us, and well played with a 68. If we can have your opening comments before we take some questions.
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, it was a tough game today. Foursomes is not the easiest game to play.
You know, both Brendan and I sort of put a pretty good score on the board, considering it's a difficult game. I think if you can do that, in this format, you're a pretty strong team. So I like our prospects for the weekend and hopefully continue our form from the fourball and regroup for the foursomes again on Sunday.
BRENDAN JONES: Yeah, it is a very tough format. You know, you feel like you go through holes out there where you might not hit a putt or you might not hit an iron shot for a few holes, or you might not hit a driver for seven or eight holes, and it's hard to keep your momentum in this game.
So, you know, I think this round of the Spanish team today was just amazing. Because it is hard to keep your swing in check because you're only swinging every second shot. So sometimes, you just putt, putt, putt, putt, putt.
And another thing, there's more pressure this way, because you don't want to let your mate down. It's all right when you miss a putt when you're playing by yourself, but today, I felt like a caddie, because you know, the caddies are standing by wishing you the best every time, and it's more pressure standing by watching someone hit a shot or hit a putt than when you're over it yourself.
So totally different feeling, but at the start of the day, if you had of said, you would shoot 4-under, we would have pretty gladly taken it.
I still think we are in a pretty good position. I missed a little putt on the last, which always leaves sort of a sour taste in your mouth. But overall, we had a lot of good today.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: A few shots behind Spain now; you must be looking forward to going back to more favourable fourballs tomorrow.
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, the scoring in fourballs is going to be hopefully a little bit better for us.
The last time I played the World Cup in 1998, I can remember there was a lot of of fluctuation, a lot of big fluctuations in score with this format. You know, we might be three behind Spain, four behind Spain, but with this format, and the way it works, I think anything can happen and it's not that far away. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and getting back into a rhythm again. I think we'll do well.
BRENDAN JONES: Yeah, actually I quite liked watching Richard put today. It's funny that out of all the birdies we had, I don't think I putted any of the birdie putts in. And it's just the way this format is.
You know, tomorrow, it's a totally different format, and it's also a game of strategy, too. If your partner is in play, then there's more of a chance that you might take more of a risk. So you know, we have thought really well the first two days, and hopefully we can keep it up. We complemented each other quite well with both our games. In both formats, we do feel quite comfortable.
You know, we are confident that we are going to be there Sunday afternoon, and we've played 36 holes and we are right in the mix. So we are plodding along nicely.

Q. Did you play foursomes together before this tournament now?
RICHARD GREEN: No. First time.
BRENDAN JONES: No. Neither of us have played foursomes for quite a long time. I haven't played foursomes for nearly ten years, and I guess Richard would probably be the same, but I'm not sure about that.
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, I haven't played foursomes since the last time we played the World Cup in 1998.
You know, I enjoy the game and I enjoy the camaraderie between the two of us, and representing our country is a pretty proud feeling. To get out there and play this game in this format, you experience different emotions, and it's a good feeling.

Q. For a long time, you haven't played foursomes, but you picked it up really quick. Today you played at 4-under; so what's the secret behind it?
RICHARD GREEN: I think it's just the ability to work well as a team. Both Brendan and I, we are totally focused on the format and what's required of us today. Apart from one little error today, the caddie not holding the flagstick, that was the only mistake we made.
It's just a matter of really focusing on what you need to do and I think we both did that very well today and adapted very well to the format.
BRENDAN JONES: Yeah, I just think the way this golf course sets up with me having the odd holes to tee off and Richard having the even holes, I just think it fits both our games perfectly really. There's a lot of tee shots that Richard feels more comfortable on and ones that I probably feel more comfortable on.
You know, the way that we're both shaping the ball, the holes that we are teeing off are the ones that we feel most comfortable on.
So the thing is, if you can get the ball in play a lot, then in this format, it becomes a lot easier. The thing is, you know, if you're not comfortable on tee shots and you're out of play a lot, that's when the game can get quite difficult.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: Thank you very much and good luck this weekend.

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