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November 28, 2008

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Pablo Larrazabal


RODDY WILLIAMS: Miguel, Pablo, what a great round that was today, a fantastic display of foursomes golf and it's given you a pretty nice lead going into the weekend. Can you tell us how things went today, Miguel first.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Well, very nice, we complemented very well today on the golf course and we had started with par on the first hole, birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie; after five holes we are under par. We really enjoyed the moment and keep playing very well, and make more birdies on the next par 5s, on the 7th,9th and 11, and, well, that is the way.
We didn't have any mistakes, except for hole No. 15, that we made a bogey there. Myself, maybe I wanted to be a little bit too greedy and missed the shot and we walked away with a bogey on that hole.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: I missed the green there.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Apart from that, we played very well. We complemented very well, and enjoyed you ourselves on the golf course, and that's very important.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Pablo, if you could say a few things? You had a lot of fun out there today.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Already he said everything, Miguel. We enjoyed it a lot out there. That's the key of our round. We played really well. Just that mistake on 15, it wasn't the mistake of Miguel. If I hit the green, he is going to putt, not chip.
But I mean, that's a great round for foursomes. Tomorrow will be another day.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Better than the fourballs.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Better foursomes than fourballs.

Q. Miguel, however seen anything like your first 11 holes in foursomes before, and did you think that even a 59 might have been possible at one point?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Well, I think at one moment that maybe we can break 60, the way we started. But when those kind of thoughts come at the wrong moment, we stop the machine, you know.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Two more days to go; we need to work to keep the machine two more days. Maybe on the last day we keep going.

Q. Have you ever seen anything like that before?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Foursomes, you know, it's the kind of thing that it's very sensitive, you know, and you need to be nice and not competitive with your partner. What happened today, he hit it very nice from the tee, I put it in close, he holed the putt; and virus versa, he hit it nice from the tee, and, you know, we are playing very well. You see what happened today there, we really were able to make a good score in the 60s.

Q. Maybe Pablo, can you take us through the first nine holes, the eagle, how that came about, and the distance of the putts on the front nine, and then your putt on 16, how far do you think that was?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: I can tell you, I start a little nervous, my first shot of the day, was a really bad 9-iron. We made a great save.
Then he made a 15-, 17-foot putt for birdie on the second, and another 15 feet or 17 feet for eagle at the third. I mean, great start, and then he made a great shot on the 4th, from six feet. On the 5th, it landed like two feet and a half for birdie. Too easy to play with this man, you know.

Q. Sounds like he was doing all the work.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: I help him. That's my job.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: We both are doing the work. (Laughter).
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: He is hitting the irons too well. So my job is to try to put the ball in the fairway, and that's it, and try to make some putts.

Q. What is it, both of you, the Spanish psyche, you seem to get on very well. We had Ollie and Seve playing so well together, and you two seem to really hit it off. Is it sort of affection or what is it that gets you really doing in?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: We both like to have some red wine, I smoke cigars and he smokes cigarettes ...
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Shhh! (Laughter)
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: We enjoy it. A very important thing is to enjoy yourself on the golf course.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL put your camera off that, one, too, please.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: And that was it. And we have a nice time on the golf course.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Pablo, what do you have to say about why you get on so well together? You obviously get on very well together; what is it about the Spanish psyche that makes you get on so well together?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: I don't know. I mean, because of the wine. We like to enjoy ourselves and be happy. That's maybe the key of the thing, to enjoy.

Q. We all know that this course is designed by a Spanish player, Olazåbal. So does he tell both of you any tips or key points on how to play well on this golf course?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: No, Miguel, he played a lot of times here. He played all of the World Cups here. He didn't tell us nothing.

Q. So you just listen to whatever Jiménez tells you?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yeah, I try to do what he tell me. Just, "Yes, Boss" and try to do my best.

Q. Did you talk to Olazåbal at all regarding the course?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Olazábal said, hit long irons straight and avoid the bunkers. (Laughter).
There is too many bunkers on the golf course.

Q. Miguel, the way Pablo plays, does he remind you of any of the great Spanish golfers over the last 20 years, and how good do you think he can become?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Pablo is nice and fresh. You know, he's 24 years old, he brings a fresh spirit --
He brings a fresh breath to the Tour and to the Spanish, you know. When people come in with this age and at the beginning of the Tour, they come in with this kind of condition. Like you see Seve and Sergio and Ollie, you see all of the players, not only in Spain, all over the place, they want to make things.
And he's playing very well, he's hitting the ball very solid, and he hits very, very good irons on the greens. The only thing is keep this illusion and the good things, they will come in the future. He has a very, very big future, and I'd like to play with a guy like him, you know, it's nice, because it's always nice to have a fresh eye.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Thank you, thank you.

Q. Everybody knows that you enjoy a smoke and you are a cigar lover; do you enjoy that same thing with some of the players on the Tour? And also, John Daly smokes a lot of cigarettes --
MIGUEL ÁNGEL JIMÉNEZ: Cigarettes are not very healthy, they are no good, not nice.
Some players smoke cigars, too. I don't want to say names because probably they don't like to say that, but everyone, every person has to do what he feels is good. I like to smoke cigars and have my glass of wine, and I'm going to have it and I'm going to enjoy myself. And I hope to the people that you enjoy yourself, and that doesn't mean you have to be smoking all day or get a few bottles of wine. Just have a glass of wine, have a cigar, enjoy yourself.

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