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November 23, 2008

Juan Carlos Osorio

John Wolyniec

COACH OSORIO: We couldn't handle that. And the most disappointing thing is, although I don't like to single anybody out, I think we conceded a very easy corner kick.
There's no pressure on the ball and we kick it out. I was very upset with that. But after that there's only one way to do and it's to deal with the set play and we couldn't deal with it.

Q. When you were talking about the corner kick, was it a problem with marking Marshall? Did somebody lose him?
COACH OSORIO: We lost him. Seven goals in the season. We know that. Today if I am honest I think we did a good job on it. Unfortunately, because before that they have like three, four set plays and we managed to get one on the ball. And that was the idea.
That we have somebody else marking him, which I am not going to discuss, and one dealing with the ball. And he did. But unfortunately -- and credit to him and credit to Schelotto, who I believe is the most effective player in this league on set plays.

Q. Juan, you were dangerous from both flanks with Dave and Dane. And Dane kind of continued that in the second half as well. But van den Bergh, didn't seem to get as many touches or crosses in the second half, was that something that the Crew did or was he just not as effective?
COACH OSORIO: I think you all analyzed -- I hope you analyzed the game. And you know what the difference was. Coming into the game, I said one of the threats is Hejduk and the overlap. And he overlapped once -- or twice, I think. Once in the first half.
We dealt with that and the ball that he asked for the foul that Kevin blocked him and the second time he overlapped as a goal. But mainly his job today was defend against David van den Bergh. And I think he did well. He's very athletic. He's an international player and he did well. Credit to him.

Q. John, the ball was on your foot a lot in the first 20, 30 minutes of the game. Can you talk about your frustration not only not to score but not even to get a shot on net that the team could benefit from?
JOHN WOLYNIEC: I think when we strung a few passes together that we were able to get chances. Maybe we didn't have a lot of clear chances in the first half, but we definitely caused them some problems. I felt like they paid a lot of attention to Juan Pablo, so I was able to get some space and hold the ball up for us.
We kept the ball. We played some good soccer in the first half. Sometimes the ball doesn't go in the net. And obviously if we would have been the team to score first it would have been quite different?

Q. Coach, coming in, people expect you guys to defend and defend like you have all through the playoffs. Today you went at them from the beginning. What did you see in them in this match-up that made you think you could do that?
COACH OSORIO: I could well sit here and say this is my attacking strategy. But, no, I am very truthful. And honest to my word. Against Real Salt Lake and Houston, it was hard to attack them because it was only one way for them and it was just to attack.
Somebody asked me yesterday: What would you do if they scored first? And I said I would try to attack and get the equalizer. But you have to, if you really watch the game, we took the game to them. And that's what I felt proud for my guys today that we competed against supposed to be the best or the most consistent team in this league. And we matched them in the first half very well. We had a lot of the ball better possession. We played better football. I think we were the better team.
So against Houston it was difficult because they attack almost with four guys standing in the attacking third and Real Salt Lake, at one point they put seven guys up front. So it was hard. But it was never the intention just to defend.
And I think today we did better on our attacking third with the balls, when we entry, in our entries into the attacking third we managed the ball better. We kept it better and we got some good efforts on goal.

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