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November 22, 2008

Pablo Larrazabal


Q. How good was it?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: It was great. I said last night that I would go for it today, and just going to double digits. It was great to take it, and great to have a chance for tomorrow.

Q. Last time I saw you was walking through the car park to the clubhouse and you said you would not wait to go on holiday. So is this playing with a bit of abandon, in a sense?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: It will be great to go to holidays with another one win. But I cannot wait to rest. It was my 32nd tournament, 33rd, and I can't wait to rest in my home, on my sofa.
But I have some energy, and let's see, maybe five more rounds of tournaments this week, and next week, it will be great. I have energy to do it.

Q. We have reflected so many times on this year because it just keeps going from strength-to-strength. I wonder where you get your strength from?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yeah, all of the system, it was hard. The tournaments I was there only on the French Open, I was leading. It was great to be behind, not under much pressure. We'll see if Oliver makes a few more birdies. Still four behind would be hard.
But if he finishes 12 or 13, it will be great to have Bernhard Langer up there, too.

Q. First time in Hong Kong?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: First time in Hong Kong, like maybe fourth time in Asia, fifth maybe.

Q. But I take it you like this old-style, traditional course?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yeah, I like it, I like it. But it's hard to putt on those greens. Those bermuda, it's not easy to putt, but let's see what happens tomorrow. If you are in the right position on the greens, you can make putts. So that's the way to play this course.

Q. Having mentioned Bernhard Langer, is he one of those players that you grew up watching and admiring like most of us did?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yeah, yeah, but I don't care. I was a kid and now I can play against them. I don't care about the names up there. I didn't care in France and I don't care now. So just play my game, try to keep the ball in play.

Q. Next week, playing with Miguel Angel in the World Cup, as well; could be a good couple of weeks for you.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: I think if I can play like that, we have our chances. But just another week, another of those weeks, you're going to learn more and more.
So it will be a pleasure for me to play with Jiménez four rounds as a partner, and let's see. Let's see if we can go in there with a win.

Q. You could have back-to-back Hong Kong Open winners; he won it last year, and if you lift the trophy now.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: I'm not thinking win, just play like I did today, and if I do the same things I did today, I have my chances.

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