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November 22, 2008

Paula Creamer

Jeong Jang

Suzann Pettersen

Angela Stanford

Karrie Webb


DAN HICKS: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this special and unique tee time draft, one of its kind in all of sports, and here to celebrate this ADT LPGA Tour Championship, I am Dan Hicks with NBC Sports, and we will be televising the finale tomorrow of this race for $10 million, actually $1 million. The purse has been reduced. I've been doing the FedExCup way too long.
$1 million and eight lucky finalists will be parading out here in just a moment. They'll get a chance to pick their tee time, and actually figure out where they want to be in this race for $1 million.
Before we get to that, I want to introduce three distinguished folks up here. First of all, the Commissioner of the LPGA Tour, Carolyn Bivens, is with us. The President of ADT North America, John Koch is here, and the host, who needs no real introduction, Donald Trump.
So without further adieu, let's go ahead and bring out the eight finalists, and we'll bring them out in order of seeding by virtue of their play today.
In another round that began at scratch and leading the way on this third round Saturday, Suzann Pettersen. Followed by the 2nd seed Angela Stanford who got in the win column again this week. 3rd seed, Paula Creamer. 4th seed, Seon Hwa Lee. The 5th seed, Jeong Jang, followed by the 6th seed, Ji-Yai Shin, 7th, Eun-Hee Ji, and also, involved in this final eight of the playoffs, Hall of Famer Karrie Webb.
For those of you not aware of how it works, again, these eight will start from scratch tomorrow in the final round, and begin the Chase for $1 million.
Just a reminder, that the NBC telecast, which will run from 3:00 to 6:00 eastern time tomorrow will be slightly tape delayed, so therefore make sure you get out here early in the morning, because play will be starting at 9:30 in the morning, and going until 2:00 in the afternoon. Again, shown on NBC from 3:00 to 6:00 eastern time.
Here's how this works. They will have the opportunity to put themselves exactly where they want, some will, if they're the No. 1 seed as Suzann Pettersen is, she will have exactly all the spots open, so she'll determine exactly where she plays and will go all the way down to the 8 seed.
And if there was a tie, they went back to the second round yesterday to break those ties. But again, they've been seeded 1 through 8.
So without further adieu, let's go ahead and bring up Suzann Pettersen for the first spot here. Interesting. Suzann, before you go. Suzann? Interesting strategy there. Some might believe that you'd want to be in the final group and know exactly where you stand. But you want to get out there in the first group, why?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: I don't know. I just do.
DAN HICKS: The less you think in this format chase for a million dollars, the better?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: No you still got to get the job done no matter where you're playing, so I'll start the show.
DAN HICKS: You'd like to post a score early and have them chasing, huh?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: Yeah, I mean, yeah. I don't know. It's like whatever.
DAN HICKS: Well, good luck tomorrow, and congratulations on leading the pack today.
Second seed is Angela Stanford, coming off the big win last week at Guadalajara. Where will she go? She wants to go in the final group. Unlike Suzann, you feel better about going out last, why?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, lately we've been close to the back on the weekend, and I think my caddie and I are pretty comfortable back there right now, so might as well keep going. It's going well.
DAN HICKS: Angela's had a number of high finishes lately, so he's used to finishing at the end of the pack. Good luck tomorrow, Angela.
All right, next, is Paula Creamer, the third seed. And she's going to go into that second group.
Paula, first of all, I know it's been a bit of a struggle out there. For those of you who don't know, Paula has not been feeling well. Has had flu-like symptoms. She's going to go to the hospital after this to have further tests to determine what exactly is going on. But feeling a little bit better today. But still this has been an interesting week for you, hasn't it?
PAULA CREAMER: It has, but only one more round, so no, it should be good. You know, you can't really control how you feel, you've just got to get the job done like Suzann said.
All the groups are so close together, I don't think it makes a huge difference of where you're at, so. We'll go second group.
DAN HICKS: Wish you the best of luck. Thanks, Paula. Fourth seed, Seon Hwa Lee. And she's going to get things started with Suzann Pettersen.
Good luck tomorrow in the first group.
Fifth seed, Jeong Jang, and where is J.J. going to put herself? The options dwindle here the more we get into the picking. But she's going to go in the second group with Paula.
Do you get along with Paula? Is that one of the reasons why?
JEONG JANG: No, obviously, she's got a big gallery, so I like to play with a big gallery, so (laughing).
DAN HICKS: Good luck, J.J. going with the big gallery. Going for the big cash, and the big gallery.
All right, Ji-Yai Shin. Women's British Open reigning champion, by the way. And she's in the second to last group. The suspense here is getting less and less as we get deeper, and the microphone doesn't work.
Seven seed, Eun-Hee Ji. Does she go in the second to last group or the final group with Stanford? She wants it. She's going right after Angela in that final group. And that will leave Karrie Webb with pretty much one option there.
Karrie, you've been a part of these final Sundays here in this race for a million in the past. What have you learned from your previous experience, if anything, in this unique format?
KARRIE WEBB: Well, I haven't won it yet, so I haven't learned too much. Hopefully I've saved my best round for tomorrow, and I'm just happy to actually be in the final eight, and go out and get them tomorrow.
DAN HICKS: Now, you've won virtually every championship and tournament there is to win in this world. This is a pretty nerve-racking format, isn't it? Just even to get here to the final eight and have a chance of the million dollars. What is the biggest difference in this tournament versus all the other ones around the world that you've played and won?
KARRIE WEBB: It's definitely a different mindset. Especially if you're coming into the end of the round when you're on the bubble for the cut. Rather than, you know, in a second or third round of the tournament, generally. You're trying to finish as strong as you can to move up the leaderboard.
But when you're on the cut line, you're sort of playing to make sure that you're playing the next day, rather than it just doesn't really matter what score is, it's good to move on to the next day. It's a bit of a different mindset. And Sunday is an 18 hole shootout, and anything can happen then.
DAN HICKS: Got to watch the leaderboard just to see how aggressive you have to be, don't you?
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, you do. Or not aggressive on this golf course. I think that's the scariest thing of this format is actually playing the golf course (smiling). If you can tame the golf course, you've got a pretty good shot.
DAN HICKS: If the greens are getting too fast, you can have a conversation with Mr. Trump over here, who might be able to slow them down a hair.
But you don't want to slow them down too much, I'm sure. It's just too much fun watching these balls glide all over the greens.
Karrie, thanks a lot. And congratulations to you all, the eight women who have a chance at a million dollars tomorrow.
Again, if you're not here at the golf course, you can tune in 3:00 to 6:00 on NBC, and again, reminder that things get going here in the morning at 9:00 o'clock. The play 9:00 or 9:30. The play will go until at least 2:00 in the afternoon.
Thanks for coming, everybody. Enjoy the show tomorrow. Once again, good luck to all eight women. Thanks for coming.

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