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November 22, 2008

Angela Stanford


THE MODERATOR: Angela Stanford.

Q. Karrie Webb said those are the toughest greens that she's ever putted on here that she's never putted on as fast. Can you just talk about how tough the conditions were because it's supposed to be windy again tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, first off, the wind was blowing from a different direction today, and that made it tough. It was blowing harder, I think.
And these greens, they're the fastest Bermuda I've ever played on in my life. When you have to say, well, into the grain really isn't that much slower, you know you're on fast greens.

Q. How much scoreboard watching will you do tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: Not as much as I did today. I don't know if they even had them on the front nine. But I'd look just to kind of get an idea where I was. Just glancing here and there.

Q. You have the No. 2 selection in this thing. Are you an early person or late person?
ANGELA STANFORD: I'm a late person. I'll probably choose to go last.

Q. Would you choose to go last even if Suzann picks last as well?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I'm not really --

Q. Be like a regular Sunday?
ANGELA STANFORD: I'm not concerned about who is in my final pairing. You know I like to sleep in. I like to have my mornings. Lately we've been playing close to the back, so...

Q. As being in there tomorrow, you're going for a million dollars, is that exciting a little bit?
ANGELA STANFORD: It's pretty cool. You know, it's a chance of a lifetime. You don't get to say I'm playing for a million dollars today or if I win today, you know, I get a million dollars.
So it's a chance of a lifetime. It's pretty special.

Q. Do you look differently at a scoreboard, if you've seen the scoreboard, you're 2 back, but it's 4 under to 2 under versus 14 to 11 under. Does anything seem a little different?
ANGELA STANFORD: No, and I wondered if that would be the case today, but it's all the same.
It seems like just you're trying to make birdies and regardless of what that number is, you just try to catch it.

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