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November 22, 2008

Paula Creamer


Q. I want to be clear, are you going to the hospital or just going to get checked out here?
PAULA CREAMER: I'm going to go talk to the doctors here first and then see. I might get a cat scan tonight, and that's how you know if it's appendicitis or not.
So depending on that, we'll see what it feels like. I just want to go sit down for a little while. It's been kind of a long day, especially with the wind. It just makes everything more difficult.
But at the same time, you know, when I'm done playing, it feels ten times worse, because I'm not -- now I'm thinking only about that.

Q. What are your symptoms manifested themselves as? Stomach ache, cramps?
PAULA CREAMER: It's just pain. I have a lot of pain in my stomach you know, it's not the best -- the best position for me is hunched over, so every time I follow through they stretch, and that's what kills me.
You know, like I said, I'm not a big complainer, but one more day, that's all I keep telling myself.

Q. The money list makes it that much harder, doesn't it? Though it doesn't seem to have affected your numbers, too much. Two pretty solid rounds in a row.
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, I've been playing well. I have been hitting it well, I've been putting well. It's just tomorrow, you know, I'm going to kind of go out and have 18 holes and see what happens.
But, you know, the money list is what it is.

Q. I suppose it's been 15 years, why do you suppose it's been 15 years? Other than depth of global talent for the obvious reasons?
PAULA CREAMER: I think American golf is becoming more and more popular. You only have so many great junior programs. I have to give a lot of credit to the people that have gotten me here to where I'm at. Just so many opportunities, being able to play an LPGA sponsorships and things like that. It's just becoming bigger and bigger.
You know, I think a lot of Americans know that we have to work hard. We're not the only country out here that has sports. I think that's basically the main thing.

Q. When did you start feeling bad?

Q. Were you on the course?
PAULA CREAMER: Wednesday night, I'd say. Thursday was the really bad one.

Q. If there were no money title on the line, would you be playing right now? If you weren't in contention to win that money title would you be out here?
PAULA CREAMER: If I was going to withdraw, it would have been earlier in the week. So, no, given the money title or not, I'm just out here. I love the game. I want to win this event. You know, like I said, if I was going to withdraw, it would have been earlier.

Q. Has it gotten progressively worse or is it the same?
PAULA CREAMER: No, it was really bad on Thursday was the worst. Yesterday was bad, and this is just different. I felt the chills and sweats and everything yesterday.

Q. Are you able to keep some food down?
PAULA CREAMER: I can't eat. I eat toast on the course. I've had two pieces of toast and a bagel today and three bites of a banana.

Q. So solid food is a problem?
PAULA CREAMER: No, I like bland better, bland foods.

Q. So two days of that?
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, and I had a little chicken noodle last night.

Q. Were you close at all to withdrawing?

Q. How close?
PAULA CREAMER: I didn't know if I was going to be able to get out of bed on Friday morning, so. And I did, and then I tried to -- I think the last two days my warm-up kind of has been about 30 minutes. Today was about 30 minutes, my warm-up, which is normally about an hour and a half. So I've considerably cut down. Just like I said, trying to conserve energy.

Q. Are you staying at Mira Lago?

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