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November 21, 2008

John Daly


Q. Thoughts on your round?
JOHN DALY: It's hard to get it close to the holes today. Wedge play wasn't much better. You know, the golf course, it just gives and takes. You've got to pick some of the holes to get aggressive on. So many of them, you can't.
So, I'm happy. I'm not too far out of it.

Q. 1-over for the round after seven, that's where you've got to be patient, and maybe in the past that's not been your strong point; do you feel you're becoming more patient?
JOHN DALY: Probably in the last seven, eight years, a lot more patient.
I think just being able to get out here and practice the last two days, I've worked really hard. Like I said, if I just get in a rhythm, and I'm very happy with the way I'm playing here for being so rusty. When you play with Bernhard and Scotty, those guys can make a few birdies, too, and it helps you. Bernhard, he's had a great year this year, so you kind of feed off each other.
I feel good, just the wedge game is not all that great. You've got to hit it close to score, and I'm not doing it.

Q. Stuck to the game plan, and kept the driver in the bag?
JOHN DALY: I hit it on 1 today. I didn't like where that pin was. I hit 1-iron yesterday and had a 7-iron in and I didn't really want a blind shot. That was really the only one I kind of got aggressive with but everything else was pretty much the same. Instead of hitting a lot of one and 2-irons, hit a lot of threes off the tee today.

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