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November 21, 2008

Oliver Fisher


RODDY WILLIAMS: Thanks very much for coming in and joining us, and tied for the lead at the halfway stage so very well played. You must be pleased with how things are going.
OLIVER FISHER: Yeah, it's all good. I just played really solid today. I hit the ball well and hit a lot of greens and took my chances. It was good. I'm in a good position going into the weekend and just go out there and enjoy it and have good time.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Do you like playing these old-fashioned courses?
OLIVER FISHER: Yeah, we obviously played the Faldo Series here a couple of times. We came out when we were younger, and staying at the hotel at the course and things, so I'm quite familiar with the place. It's good to come to Hong Kong, and I like where we are staying on the island there and there's quite a lot to do and stuff. It's nice. It's a nice change from back home. The weather is great right now, so it's good.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Did you ever win the Faldo Series out here?
OLIVER FISHER: I didn't, no.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Rory McIlroy, another guy who came from the Faldo Series, good to see a close friend of yours up there as well; a bit of a rivalry over the weekend?
OLIVER FISHER: Yeah, there definitely is, and it's good to see Rory do well, as well. He's had a great full season, or second season really, I guess. He's doing great at moment, so it's good there. We're good friends so it's nice to see us both up there.

Q. I didn't see much of you today unfortunately, but I think I did pass you at some point. A couple of highlights from the round?
OLIVER FISHER: I started quite nicely. I birdied 2, 4 and 6. Then the par 5, is it 13, on the back nine, and 16. So just pretty solid round.

Q. Any outstanding shots?
OLIVER FISHER: I hit it pretty close on 2 to a couple of feet there, and again on 4 so, probably a couple of the best shots of the day.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Still very young out here on Tour, you've only been out here for a little while; what are you learning so far in your first year on Tour?
OLIVER FISHER: This is the start of my third season now, so it's gone so quickly, only the first two years.
I would say I've learnt so much being out here. We are obviously competing against the top players week-in and week-out, and the biggest thing that I've noticed when I've come out is the consistency. The top players are so consistent week-in and week-out competing at the top of the leaderboard. That's obviously where I want to be just as soon as I can.
It's good to be in a situation like this. I can go and learn from the weekend and obviously try and win. That's the goal really and that's been the goal for the last few seasons. It's good. It's good fun. I enjoy it.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Feel that win is not too far away?
OLIVER FISHER: My game is in good shape right now. So hopefully we can go out there on Sunday and see what we can give really.

Q. Generally what do you think you need to do to move to the top echelon?
OLIVER FISHER: I'd say all of it really. Guys that know me and that, my game is pretty solid. Everything is pretty good. There's not a lot -- I don't really have a weakness, it's all good. It just needs to improve, my whole game probably needs to improve a couple of notches to be competing week-in, week-out. I'd say my average performance last year would have been around 20th, 25th, which was a good improvement from the year before.
But that's golf, you know. Golf, I've always found since I was young, it's taken a while to get to the next level and that. It's good, and I enjoy that. It's good trying to get to the next level and obviously being out here is where you've got to be. The guys like Lee Westwood and the better players out here, you can learn a lot from them. It's good.

Q. Are you and Oliver Wilson close friends?
OLIVER FISHER: I know Ollie pretty well, yeah.

Q. Come from the same area?
OLIVER FISHER: No. He lives a few hours away. (Laughter).
RODDY WILLIAMS: Thanks very much, good luck over the weekends. Thanks for coming in and joining us.

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