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November 21, 2008

Colin Montgomerie


RODDY WILLIAMS: Colin, very well played, you've put yourself right into the frame going into the weekend. Things are going very well for you.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, I've got a couple of swing changes I was working on with coaches and it seems to be working. But I feel very comfortable here. I won here before in 2005, and it's a place that I feel comfortable with. My wife's with me here, so that helps on Tour when you're away on your own so much.
It's a place that I feel very comfortable in. I like the city and I feel very safe here and it's amazing how one plays well in a place that you enjoy being in.
So 68-65, that's good scoring, nothing much wrong, a couple of bogeys over the first two days, one yesterday, one today, which is okay, and nine birdies. So that's okay.

Q. Must be nice to see your name on the leaderboard again; it has been a little while.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, it's been too long, and it's nice to see it there. I think people understand that this course is more suited to my style of play. It's not one of these American-style, bomber's-type courses that we tend to play a lot of. This is a more shot-making and more accurate type of golf course, one of our shortest courses that we play all year, so this is why I like this particular style of play, and so there should be no surprise that my name's on the leaderboard to be honest. It's up there with the players that are playing well right now, Oliver Wilson and Jeev Milkha Singh and these type of people.
So it's good that I can compete alongside them. It's very important that I get off this year to a good start. The last few years I haven't, and it's important that I get off to a good start and feel good going into the Christmas break and come out again in Abu Dhabi feeling strong and confident, and that's what I've been lacking.

Q. What are the crowds like out there? Are there lots of distractions for you?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, just a couple but nothing untoward.
Mostly it's an ex-pat members' crowd out there, but it's nice to see as many Chinese locals, if you like watching golf, possibly for the first time. It's important is that we try and show our skills to local players, wherever we play.
I've just come back from Bahrain, I've just opened a course in Bahrain last week that I've designed and it was great to see as many Arab youngsters, if you like, playing and competing in the junior section beforehand like that, and it's nice to see as many young Chinese out here, as well.
So the weekend should be very busy. We've got a good leaderboard, and it's a good, strong tournament. The weather is set fair, and it should be a good weekend for all.

Q. The first question is, you have been not winning for the last 12 months, within the period, how are you going to make changes to yourself, what kind of changes?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, you just try. I'm 45 years old, and you just try and gain some confidence, really. When I was winning in the 90s on a regular basis, I was confident of doing so, and now I've lost my confidence. So these two scores back-to-back in the 60s, 68-65, is good for me, and I can gain some confidence from that and know that I can achieve what I think I can.

Q. Michael Campbell pulled out today with an injury.

Q. Yeah, he did.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: He was with me in Bahrain, I'm sorry to hear that.

Q. You've said you want to play into your 50s; how do you keep injury-free?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, I'm very lucky that this is my 23rd year on Tour, if you like, and I'm exempt until I'm 52. And to be injury-free, while my body is probably about that of a 30-year-old and not that of a 45-year-old because I didn't hit as many golf balls and hurt it as much bashing golf balls around the world; I haven't practised as much as some, and I've relied on a more natural way of playing the game.
But I've been very fortunate within the seven years of winning the Order of Merit in a row that one has to be fit. Tiger couldn't win the Order of Merit (No 1. on PGA Tour Money List) last year because he wasn't fit, you know. So I've been lucky that, touch wood, over my career, I've missed one tournament which was the German Masters this year through illness when I dislocated my shoulder. I have missed one tournament out of -- well, nearly 500 now, and that's very, very fortunate to say that. That's probably the least of any top player in the world.
So I'm very lucky health-wise.

Q. Do you work out?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I work out my back. My back used to be very sore but I don't work out on any other part of my body, just my back. My back is the problem out here in golf, and that's the main thing, and I don't drink, so we're okay there.

Q. So you're not in the gym with all of the other golfers?
RODDY WILLIAMS: Colin, thank you very much indeed and good luck over the weekend.

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