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November 21, 2008

Oliver Wilson


RODDY WILLIAMS: Ollie, thanks very much for coming in and joining us, very well played, and you've got the clubhouse lead at the moment and very much continuing your good form.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, obviously pretty happy with the first two days. It's gone according to plan so far.
You know, I was really happy with yesterday, 4-under, but today I was a little disappointed bogeying the last. I played pretty steady holing some putts, which is the important thing. It's nice to feel like you're good and comfortable on the greens and just try to do the same things tomorrow.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Your form over the whole year, and particularly the last few weeks, shows how well you're playing; looks like you're going to have another opportunity come this weekend.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I came here, this is my last event of the year. So I've come here, it's always a tricky sort of thing, should I play, you're really looking forward to the holidays and everything. But I really wanted to come here and play well, and put in a really good performance, obviously try and win before the end of the season.
But if I can win this week, I think I'd be able to overtake Sergio at the top of The Race to Dubai, which would be fantastic to go into Christmas in that position.
But either way, it would be really nice to play well over the weekend, get into contention again and see what happens. If I can be in there on the back nine on Sunday, you're not guaranteed to win, you never know what's going to happen. I might birdie the last few holes and not win.
But if I can get in there on Sunday afternoon, that's the goal this week, and you're always going to learn something, so it would be a good result either way.

Q. Is it getting to your head that you've been issued second so many times and you lost the playoff in Shanghai, is it getting into your head that you've been playing strong during the week and not being able to finish it off, and how do you cope with that?
OLIVER WILSON: Not really. It's not like I've played bad over the weekend or on Sunday. I've played pretty good and been right in there.
In Shanghai, the guys I played with, and the quality of the field that was in contention, I beat most of them. After 72 holes, I was obviously tied, so I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm playing nicely. Sometimes some people get lucky and sometimes people win reasonably easy over the last few holes, and sometimes it's hard. It's just proving harder for me.
I'm not really doing anything wrong, so I've just got to keep doing the same things, and I'll break through soon, hopefully.

Q. Is it fair to say you were thinking of missing this tournament?
OLIVER WILSON: Not really, no. It crossed my mind but I was determined to come and finish well.
I played Singapore last week, which was tough. It was a frustrating week, and after walking off on Sunday afternoon, I was about ready to go on holiday. But a good day's rest and I sort of got that out of my head and focused on this week.
I like this event. It's a good event for me. I like the course. So I was just determined to come in and put in a good performance. It's important for me. I feel like I need to come here and play well and do well, so hopefully I can do that.

Q. If come Sunday you find yourself still in contention, are you able to put those near misses out of your mind completely, or does it always play in a little bit?
OLIVER WILSON: Well, it's not going to be in my mind. I'll draw on experience that I've gained from being in contention. I won't be walking down the last few holes thinking, oh, I'm going to finish second again, because you will probably finish about fourth or fifth.
I'll use what I've learned and try and put that into the golf and the rounds and just keep -- it all comes back down to the really simple things of hitting your shots and picking your targets, and that's the important thing. If you can stay doing that, it fills your mind with the right things, as opposed to the wrong things.
So that's what I'll be trying to do, and it won't be in my mind.

Q. A lot of players have mentioned that it's quite windy and gusty on the greens. Do you feel the same?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, that's what makes this course so tough. There's hardly any wind out there today, but because of the way the holes are shaped through the trees, it just takes the mere slightest of gusts and it can really play havoc with your clubbing.
I had on -- what hole would it be? 14, just a little dogleg-right, I had about 115 yards to the flag, and I've hit a nice, solid wedge, and it's come up short of the green. You know, it's just, you've stood there and you've hit a good shot and you miss the green, and I made bogey. It's frustrating. That's what makes this course so tough. You've got to deal with that. It's going to happen.
The other tough hole is the fourth. It's very tricky, the shot into the green; the wind funnels a little bit. And the par 3 on the next; those three are the ones it really plays havoc with, and it's quite tricky. And obviously it's not really been that windy the first two days but I've played here in the past when it's been quite windy and really, really makes it tough, so hopefully it won't make it too windy over the weekend.

Q. Two-part question, as usual. On your 18th, on 9, it sounded like there was not as much sand between the club and the ball as you expected. Was it a bad lie?
OLIVER WILSON: Just a bad shot, really (laughing).
No, it was actually all right. I just didn't play a very good shot. I was trying to carry the green and just flew it a little bit too far. Not the best of shots to finish with but nothing to do with the bunker.

Q. And the other part, it's kind of ironic, you've elevated your game this year to just a whole new level, having a career-year, and yet everyone's looking at you as 'Ollie who hasn't won,' there's a bit of irony in that, isn't there?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I think a lot of people focus on that. It's important that I don't. I still see the whole picture. You know, I haven't won and I still haven't done that much in golf. But I'm on track. I feel like everything is moving forward, and you know, one or two wins on my C.V. and I would feel pretty comfortable that everything is exactly where I want it.
So as long as I don't focus on it, I focus on what I want to do, keep moving forward, I'll be pretty happy.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Ollie, thank you very much indeed and good luck over the weekend.

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