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November 21, 2008

Carolyn Bivens

Peter Nicholson

Louise Suggs

Yani Tseng


DANA GROSS-RHODE: Thank you for joining us. We have a special award. Yani Tseng has finally officially clinched the Louise Suggs Rookie of the Year. To do the presentation we have joining us Carolyn Bivens, Rolex Watch USA vice president director of communications, Peter Nicholson, LPGA Founder, Louise Suggs, and Rolex rookie of the year, Yani Tseng.
CAROLYN BIVENS: Yani, we reprised you last night. This race has been a remarkable one. You have drug this out to the very, very last moment.
It's been hard fought, but now your name goes along with a lot of other remarkable Hall of Famers from the earliest days of the LPGA. Congratulations.
YANI TSENG: Thank you.
PETER NICHOLSON: Yani, I'd like to congratulate you on behalf of Rolex for winning the Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of the Year Award. It was quite a year, including a major championship. You're very deserving, and you've got a great future. Congratulations.
YANI TSENG: Thank you.
LOUISE SUGGS: Yani, took you a while (laughing). But I'm glad you did it. Hope you play well the rest of the week, and it's so nice to have you win my award and Peter's.
Believe me, it's not easy to come by, and I know you've worked hard. So play well.
YANI TSENG: Thank you.
PETER NICHOLSON: We present you with this Rolex timepiece, green for your shirt, and it's a beautiful watch.
I want to thank my parents and my coach. My caddie has been working hard this year, and thanks to Carolyn and Jack and Louise. They've helped me along with the tournament. And it is such a nice watch, and I will be on time in catching flights. So I'm very thankful for helping me.
It's my honor to win the Rookie of the Year. It can happen only one time in my life, and I got my goal this year.
I want to thank my friend, Choi, she pushed me a lot to get as high as I can today and for the tournament and over the year, and finally I got it, Rookie of the Year. Thank you very much. Thanks.

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