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November 20, 2008

Oliver Wilson


Q. Another fine start.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, it was really a pleasant round. It's nice to be in some good weather for once. I just got off to a nice start and plodded my way around. It's a tricky course and a bit of a mental test more than anything there.
And I was pleased with finishing like that, because in the middle of the round I was doing all right and then just found myself starting to get a little frustrated at times and dropped a couple of silly shots.
To birdie the last like that, I hit a couple of quality shots, and to finish like that makes it a nice round.

Q. How long was the putt on the last?
OLIVER WILSON: Eight feet probably.

Q. So, up there again.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, if I can stay up there all week, I feel like I'm getting closer. It would be nice to be in contention again around this course. It's a tricky course, and Sunday afternoon, it will be tricky.
So I feel like I know how to win around this course, I know that much, but there is more of a tactical battle out there more than anything. Obviously you have to hole putts, but a lot of course management out there. I feel like if I can get into contention, then should be in good stead for that.

Q. Have you felt that your second places, you're taking something away from them each time and learning something, and you'll approach things differently should you be in contention again this weekend?
OLIVER WILSON: Even when you don't finish second, when you get up there, you learn something. It's great, no matter what happens, if you can get in those last few groups on a Sunday, I think you learn something from your game coming down the stretch.
Obviously if you're leading, I had a shot lead coming down the last, you always learn something. I guess that's why the more you do it, the better you get. You take little bits from it all the time and put them all together, and hopefully one time, it will come together and you'll win by four or five.
It's all part and parcel of learning, and hopefully I can learn a bit more this week.

Q. You're one of the real in-form players here this week, does that take pressure off of you?
OLIVER WILSON: I think so. I think it would help me, if I'm right in the lead the last few holes to go, I think a lot of people know I'm going to win soon, and it might as well be this one.
It's early days, first round, a long ways to go. If I can keep plodding my way around the next few days and get into the final few groups on Sunday, I think I'll have a good chance.

Q. Your last tournament of the year, are you ready for the rest?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, can't wait. Took Monday and Tuesday full off this week, I was worn out a little bit. The game is not 100 per cent, but the short game is pretty good so hopefully that will work my way into the rest of it and shoot some good numbers.

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