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November 20, 2008

Mikko Ilonen


Q. Tell us about a good day and how happy you are.
MIKKO ILONEN: Very happy. I got off to a good start there in the beginning. I made a birdie on the first hole, on the 10th hole, my first hole, and kept it going from there. Made a couple more birdies, and five birdies all together today, I'm happy with that.

Q. Tricky kind of course, isn't it?
MIKKO ILONEN: It is. It's playing really firm, and you have to think about the run-outs a little bit off the tees and how the ball is going to bounce on the greens.
It's a bit unusual for us I think.

Q. The sort of place you like though?
MIKKO ILONEN: Yeah, I like the course. It suits my eye off the tee, which is important. I think it's very critical to keep the ball in good spots off the tee.
The greens are running quite nice. Of course, there's a little bit of grain on the greens, but I think there is not that much of it, so we can get used to it during this week.

Q. I think I probably said this to you last time we spoke, because we haven't been speaking nearly enough, and that was Scandinavian Masters and things didn't really work out for 2008 the?
MIKKO ILONEN: I just got on a roll making a lot of cuts but not finishing it off. My biggest difference to 2007 was that 2007, I was shooting lights-out on Sundays. And this year, 2008, it was very slow on the weekends, and I'm about to turn it around for the '09 season.

Q. I recall you saying that the consistency was great because you really did make sure that there were not the bad rounds but not quite as many good ones.
MIKKO ILONEN: There were not that many good ones, I have to say. It was consistently okay rounds, but there were -- you need to shoot 66, 65, 64, every now and then, but I didn't get those rounds.

Q. Are you excited about 2009, albeit that we are still in 2008?
MIKKO ILONEN: Yeah, I'm ready for the '09 season. I played a little bit of golf the last few weeks. I've had a complete week off before I came over here. I feel fresh and ready to go for the season.

Q. But no World Cup for you?
MIKKO ILONEN: No, there's other two guys playing, which is good, good for them to be playing in the World Cup. It will be a great experience for those guys, and hopefully we'll see those guys on the Tour very soon.

Q. I take it after your enjoyment, your experience of playing with Pasi Purhonen last year, that you'll look forward to seeing how those two get on.
MIKKO ILONEN: Of course. I hope they can improve what we did last year, and I certainly think that they have the game to finish in the Top-10 in that event. I think they are going to do it.

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