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November 15, 2008

Angela Stanford


MIKE SCANLAN: Let's go with your card.
ANGELA STANFORD: Bogey 2, hit a very poor second shot into the right bunker, didn't get up-and-down.
5, I probably hit the wrong club into that green, so we were in the back fringe, and it's just hard to judge the slope and speed. I basically 3-putted, but I was on the fringe.
MIKE SCANLAN: How far would you say it was, that first putt.
MIKE SCANLAN: Back with a birdie on 6.
ANGELA STANFORD: Hit a really solid 8-iron to about 20 feet.
16, hit a really good little 9-iron to about five feet. Par.
MIKE SCANLAN: You've got the lead entering the final round at 10-under par, you managed a 72 today, but you said it could have been a little worse. If you would just talk about your day and just how you played.
ANGELA STANFORD: It was definitely a grind out there today. My swing felt all over the map, and fortunately I was able to save some pars.

Q. How much more pressure will it be tomorrow having Annika just one stroke behind?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I would think there's going to be some pressure, but you know, she's one of the legends of our game and she's one of the best of all time. So you've got to expect that she's going to play really well. She's been there 70, how many times, 72 times. She's won tournaments, so she knows how to do it.
I'm still learning, so it will be fun, because one way or the other, I'm going to learn something.

Q. How tough was it for you to start the round with a couple of bogeys? How do you keep your emotions in check to stay cool in order to not shoot a high number?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I had to really remind myself that this is a marathon, it's not a sprint and that there are going to be many bogeys.
I knew I wasn't feeling quite right today, so my mind-set after I made the first couple of bogeys is, you know, I can't be that upset with par today. I just need to make as many pars as I can, and when I get birdie chances, try to make them.
But when I know that I'm not swinging my best, I really have learned to be more patient and be happier with par.

Q. Do you remember how many times you were in the lead going into the last day of a tournament?
MIKE SCANLAN: Four times, and she's won twice, two of those four times, finished no worse than tied for second.

Q. Can you tell us the difference. Between the times you win and the times you lost the tournaments?
ANGELA STANFORD: Kind of the same thing, just being patient. I think I still need to be aggressive. I still need to hit golf shots. And the times that I've had shaky starts, I'm always in a position where I have to cut a shot or hit a draw.
So tomorrow, I'm really going to focus on hitting golf shots and not really be concerned with the result. I think that's usually the times that I've won; I haven't been caught up in the result, just hitting each shot as I come to them.

Q. Did you think 5- or under 6-under was possible to shoot on Saturday, and do you think it might be a possibility to get a low score on the golf course with these conditions?
ANGELA STANFORD: I thought the golf course played tougher today, but I think this course, I think any given day, you can shoot a number like that.
I think there are still some pin placements out there that they can use that will make it a little more difficult tomorrow, but it wouldn't surprise me if somebody shot a low score. I mean, I think with this field being as strong as it is, I think players can go low at any moment or any day. But I think it could be a lot tougher tomorrow.

Q. Are you going to go out and work on anything after this conference, and if so, what specifically would that be?
ANGELA STANFORD: We'll probably go hit some balls. You know, again, I kind of felt all over the place with my golf swing, so I really just want to kind of shore up a few thoughts and just hit a few solid shots to go to bed on tonight, and really get back to the things that I was thinking about in the first couple of rounds.
You know, four days of golf, it's hard to have the same swing I think, swing thought throughout the entire week. So you know, again I'm very proud of how I've hung in there today, and I turned a round that should have and could have been 76, 77 into even par and I still have a chance to win.
So I'm just going to get back to the things that I was thinking about earlier in the week and just try to hit a few solid shots.

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